What Makes a Good Trial Lawyer

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Facts are obviously important, and getting the most out of those facts by hiring the right Philadelphia Trial Lawyer to build your case can set you apart from your peers.

PA accident lawyerA good trial lawyer knows the law that is applicable to his cases as well as his or her strengths and limitations.

To be truly effective your personal injury attorney works the strengths of your injury claim and mitigates any weaknesses. It may surprise you to hear an accident lawyer discuss weaknesses, but a good defense lawyer can find a weakness in just about every injury case.

PA accident lawyers need to know all the facts and the evidence for each case. They also need to anticipate how the evidence will be interpreted by a jury. He needs to know what issues to raise before trial, and which ones to hold until trial. You would not believe how often clients withhold facts or evidence from their own lawyer, thinking that it will help their case. That NEVER works.

Knowing the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure, as well as the unwritten rules of any particular judge, is key. Reading a judge or jury is a talent as much as experience. Some accident lawyers have it, some don’t.

Being proactive is important in this day of constant information flow via phone and email. The accomplished trial lawyer knows how to plan the actions needed to win your case.

A trial lawyer must also be able to think on his feet and react to the changing landscape of a case as it unfolds. Each deposition can significantly change the potential outcome of a case. There may be events throughout the life of a case that hurt the client’s position. The good injury lawyer will take these in stride and overcome them.

A good trial lawyer will know when to make big moves. They have confidence in their decisions after consideration of relevant facts and are not afraid of consequences of those decisions.

A PA accident lawyer must constantly juggle a lot of different aspects in a case and a good trial lawyer will stay organized and enlist the help of experts and staff to stay on top of exhibits, witnesses, deposition records, dates, times, and many other factors.

A good trial lawyer will evaluate not only the case, but the client. A good client to represent is one that knows that the attorney cannot jump to conclusions and must go through several levels of questioning and fact checking to determine if a case can be won, and what potential that client has to be “jury friendly.”

Being a PA Accident Lawyer is Really About Caring for People

A mission is very important. Some lawyers are after fame, some are after riches, but the good ones are here to help people, first and foremost. The passion to help people – families, children – and to right wrongs is a strong motivator to be the best at what we do.

Those are things that are the basis of any good injury attorney. However, the real important part for a trial attorney is the human condition aspect.

Good trial attorneys understand people. How they think, how they interact with others, how to trigger empathy in others. Injury accidents can happen to anyone, at any time. Juries need to be reminded that this could easily be their situation at some point, and prompted to do the right thing.

I care enough about clients to take the time to actually hear what they experienced, and to visit the scene of the accident, and to reconstruct not only what happened, but what led to the accident – why did it occur?

I am Philadelphia injury lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys and I can be reached at 1-800-injury-law 24/7 to help you with your Pennsylvania accident injury claim.