Verdict for the Defendant Driver Who Injured Bicyclist

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Bicycle Accident Attorney Summary

In this personal injury lawsuit, the injured bicycle injury lawyer claimed that the defendant automobile driver was negligent in causing a bicycle accident that resulted in serious personal injuries to a bike rider. The auto lawyer denied that his client was at fault, and the driver testified that the bike injury victim attempted to pass the defendant on the left, causing the injury accident victim to lose control of his bicycle.

Bicycle Accident Lawsuit Facts

The injured victim was operating his bicycle. The defendant driver was driving a mini-van. The bicycle accident attorney for the injured party introduced evidence that the injured victim gave the van driver a hand signal to indicate that the van driver could proceed in front of his bicycle.

The van proceeded into the right lane of the roadway, and then the left lane, cutting-off the injured bicyclist, who attempted to go around the mini-van to avoid the bike accident. The bicycle accident attorney then argued that in order to avoid the crash, the injured bicycle rider attempted to pass the van on the left, where he was hit by the defendant’s vehicle.

This caused the bicycle rider to fall from his bike, causing serious personal injuries. The defendant’s attorney disputed the injured party, and argued instead that when the injured biker tried to go around the van, the handlebar of the bicycle collided with the van, causing the injured bicyclist to lose control and fall of of his bicycle.

The defense attorney offered evidence from an independent witness who saw the bicycle accident, and that person agreed with the defendant’s lawyer about how the accident happened.  The jury found in favor of the defendant mini-van operator, and against the bike injury victim.

Bicycle Accident Attorney Discussion

This personal injury case is a good example of how difficult it is for a bicycle accident injury victim to win trials. In this bike injury case, the injured party not only had to overcome the natural bias that jurors have towards bicyclists, but also the testimony from the independent witness who saw the victim crash and get injured. Bicycle accident lawsuits are by their very nature difficult, and if there is an independent witness that the defense lawyer can use at trial to show that the injured party was at fault, the case is over for the injury victim.