Trucking Accident Lawsuit Left Turn Accident

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Trucking Accident Lawsuit Summary

Trucking Accident Lawsuit Left-Hand Turn Results in Verdict for Personal Injury Victim.

In this trucking accident lawsuit for motor vehicle truck negligence, the personal injury victim sued for automobile negligence caused by a head-on accident which resulted in the shoulder and knees personal injuries. The defendant trucking company argued that the personal injury victim was at fault.

Trucking Injury Accident Claims and Facts

On June 3, the personal injury victim was driving his Chevy Blazer when it collided with the defendant’s tractor-trailer. The defendant truck driver was trying to make a left-hand turn on a green light. The trucking accident law firm argued that the truck driver couldn’t wait for the personal injury victim to pass and instead, started making the turn and this resulted in a head-on crash. At trial, the trucking accident lawyer argued that the truck driver failed to yield the right-of-way at the intersection. The injury lawyer argued that the truck driver had time to wait for the light, but didn’t, and forced the victim to slam on his brakes. A crash could not be avoided because the truck took up the entire intersection, blocking the personal injury victim ‘s lane. There was evidence that the truck driver’s shift had just ended, and that was why he was so impatient. The personal injury lawsuit was for damages suffered including a leg fracture, and several herniated disks.

Trucking Accident Lawyers Discussion

In Pennsylvania, at every intersection, the law requires those making a left-hand turn on a green light to wait for all oncoming traffic to pass so a traffic accident resulting in personal injuries to the victim does not happen. This case is a perfect example, and it is surprising that the truck driver’s insurance company even took this case to trial and even more surprising that they tried to blame the injury victim for the crash.