Driver Causes Truck Accident While Choking on Apple

Categories: Truck Accident

A Pennsylvania truck driver on Route 422 outside of Philadelphia was allegedly eating an apple while behind the wheel when he started choking on the apple. This resulted in a trucking accident wherein the truck impacted the concrete divider– chunks of concrete flew into oncoming traffic, but luckily, there were no serious personal injuries.

This incident highlights the ongoing debate about trucker responsibility behind the wheel. There is the school of thought that a truck driver should pull-over to eat. However, the counter-argument is that the trucking company could potentially lose money for any and all stops along their routes. There are also those who believe that eating and driving is normal in our hectic lives, and that truck drivers should simply be more careful behind the wheel when engaging in such activities as eating their meals.

As a truck accident personal injury attorney, my thoughts are that truckers are operating vehicles that can cause a lot of damage if involved in an accident, and need to take special care in the operation of their trucks. I have seen too many times, trucking accidents that are caused by careless truckers who are eating, smoking, talking on their phones, etc. And although I do believe that most drivers, regardless of the vehicle they are driving, engage in these types of activities, truckers have a greater responsibility to those with whom they share the road due to the shear weight of their vehicles and the tremendous damage the trucks can cause when involved in an personal injury trucking accident.