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Truck Accident Attorney, Pennsylvania personal injury litigator Jeffrey Harlan Penneys, Esq. represents plaintiffs across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania involved in collisions with all commercial trucks. Respected among Pennsylvania truck accident attorneys, He is an experienced truck accident settlement lawyer who offers a “no win, no fee” situation for your representation.

Speeding TruckThe first thing you need to realize in hiring a truck accident injury attorney in Pennsylvania is that it does not mean you are going “sue” and take someone to court. In fact, many Pennsylvania truck accident attorneys are not even trial lawyers. Our first duty is to help you with filing a truck accident claim. Essentially make the insurance company aware of the facts from your point of view. This means we gather the facts of the case, and present a claim to the insurance company for you, the victim.

Many Truck Accident Claims are Rejected

The result of most truck accident claims by individuals not represented by Pennsylvania truck accident attorneys is that they are basically ‘rejected’ and a low-ball offer is made to make you go away. This saves the insurance companies a lot of money. When you hire a truck accident attorney, Pennsylvania truck accident settlements that fairly compensate you for your property damage, medical expenses, and lost wages are much more attainable because the insurance companies know they can’t take advantage of the situation when facing a personal injury victim’s attorney.

Pennsylvania Truck Accident Attorneys Are Not “Sue Happy”

Insurance companies usually put on their ‘professional’ hats when dealing with attorneys and will work out a truck accident settlement, vs having their ‘salesman’ hats on when dealing with the victim directly. Again, our goal is not to force them to go to court, our goal is get a fair settlement for the property damage and pain & suffering you have endured as a result of the wreck. We make sure to take into account any foreseeable future medical issues you may have as a result of the incident when arriving at our truck accident settlement amounts.

Truck Accident Attorney Handling Lawsuits in Philadelphia

It is only when Pennsylvania truck accident attorneys cannot come to a reasonable truck accident settlement that they must force the issue by filing a truck accident lawsuit. And if it comes down to this, you want truck accident lawyer, Pennsylvania attorney Jeffrey Harlan Penneys to handle it. With decades of experience in dealing with insurance companies, and a reputation of willingness to go to court to protect his client’s rights, insurance companies are more likely to want to avoid a jury decision with Jeff.

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