Auto / Truck Accident Attorney Gets Money Damages for Child

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Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawsuit Summary

In this rear-end truck accident settlement, a minor female personal injury victim, aged 4, was a passenger in a car that was at a stop when it was struck by a driver operating a tractor-trailer owned by the defendant company. The Pennsylvania auto accident lawyer for the plaintiff maintained that the minor suffered neck and back injuries as a result of the accident. The truck accident attorney for the defense denied that they were negligent.

Truck Accident Claims and Facts

The auto accident lawyer presented evidence that the injured minor was a passenger in a car being operated by her father and was stopped at a red light. At the same time, a truck driver operating a tractor-trailer owned by the defendant company, traveling behind the personal injury victim and her father, negligently failed to stop for the red light and struck the plaintiff’s car in the rear.

The auto accident attorney argued that the truck driver was operating the tractor-trailer at a high rate of speed and failed to keep a proper lookout. Additionally, the auto accident lawyer asserted that the company negligently entrusted the truck to the driver.

The minor suffered neck and back strains and sprains as a result of this Pennsylvania truck accident.

The defendants denied that they were negligent, and their attorney argued that the personal injuries were not at all serious.

Truck Accident Claim Result

The parties settled before a truck accident trial was held, for a confidential amount.

Philadelphia Truck Accident Attorney Discussion

This Pennsylvania truck accident lawsuit highlights the problem that arises when the injured party is a minor and the injuries are not serious. Children, unlike adults, have the physical ability to recover from injuries very quickly. The problem is that the value of Pennsylvania personal injury settlements are based in large part on the medical treatment. Minors usually cannot be treated medically because they are in school, and doctors are not going to give physical therapy to a child as intensely as they would an adult. These issues often prevent a case from having a lot of value.

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