Target Store Trip and Fall Serious Injuries

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Trip and Fall Lawsuit Summary

A trip and fall incident at a Target store results in serious personal injuries. The trip and fall lawyer representing the personal injury victim sued Target for what the victim said was a dangerous condition of the premises. Specifically, the injured victim claimed that a bean bag chair was negligently left in an aisle. The property owner argued that it did not know that the chair was there (and therefore, no “notice”), and that more importantly, the condition was open and obvious and should have been avoided by the trip and fall injury plaintiff.

Trip and Fall Lawyer Claims and facts

The injury victim was a young woman who was shopping at the time of her trip and fall. She testified that she left her shopping cart at the end of the aisle, grabbed a box of paper towels, and was walking back to her cart when she fell over the chair that was in the aisle. The store argued that the injured party should have seen the chair when she walked right past it. They also argued that the chair should not have been in that aisle, and that a customer must have placed it there without their knowledge. This, they argued, shows that they were not negligent and that the plaintiff should not recover any type of trip and fall settlement.

Trip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Discussion

The personal injury jury found that the plaintiff was 10% at fault for this accident. The effect of that verdict is that whatever award the jury gives to the injury victim, 10% will be deducted, representing the victim’s share of the responsibility.