Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle Safely in Philadelphia Winters

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Pennsylvania's Motorcycle Accident Lawyer - Jeffrey H. Penneys, Esq.Winter motorcycle riding presents a unique set of challenges for Philadelphia riders. From brisk winds to limited visibility and snowfall, all of these adverse conditions can put motorcycle riders at high risk for accident and injury. For those that refuse to put away their bikes for the winter, there are some things you can do to remain safe while still enjoying the open road.

Dress for the Weather

Winter riding requires multiple layers. Base layers should include long-sleeved shirts and then layers on top that include a thick jacket as the final layer. Long, sturdy pants should also be worn to protect against colder temperatures as well as to protect from road rash if your bike goes down. Gloves will keep your hands warm so that you can properly maintain control of your motorcycle in chilling temperatures, and protect them in an accident.

Check Tires Before Riding

As the temperatures outside begin to decline, tire pressure also naturally declines. Frequently check the air pressure within your bike’s tires. Improperly inflated tires can mean higher risk for blowout and less control on the road. Consider also spraying an anti-misting spray on all mirrors as well as your helmet visor to prevent fogging from impacting your vision.

Keep Your Distance

Maintaining a safe distance at all times is important, but during winter you should increase your distance between your bike and other vehicles as well as objects. This will give you more time to adequately recognize road hazards – especially in poor visibility. You should also give yourself additional space for braking and for slowing down in inclement weather.

Do Not Ride in Poor Weather Conditions

It does not matter your experience level; even expert riders should avoid riding their motorcycles if there is a warning of snowfall or excessive ice. If it should start snowing while you are riding, head home as quickly and safely as possible or seek shelter until the snowfall passes.

If you must ride in the snow, use studded tires on your motorcycle for added traction and control. Avoid riding in heavy winds and keep an eye out for hazardous materials on the road – such as fallen branches.

Most riders will put away their bikes once the first snowfall arrives in Pennsylvania. But, just because it is snowing does not mean you are not allowed to ride. As long as you take precautions, protect yourself and give yourself extra time to reach your destination, you can still ride your motorcycle safely.

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