Should I Call a SEPTA Train Accident Lawyer?

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For those not experienced with personal injury law, it can be confusing to figure out exactly what your rights are, and when you have a legitimate reason to contact a SEPTA Train Accident Lawyer to recover compensation for your injury.

SEPTA train accident lawyers in Philadelphia PAThe key to whether SEPTA claims are actionable is whether your injury was through no fault of your own. If your behavior was such that you wouldn’t have been injured unless SEPTA had caused it through improper action or inaction, then you have reason to contact a SEPTA train accident lawyer to discuss your injury.

Jeffrey Harlan Penneys will be able to tell you wether you have a case or not; do not hesitate to call if you are uncertain. It is better to call and be told you don’t have a case than not get the compensation you deserve.

Did SEPTA Negligence Cause the Accident?

Negligence is one of the ways SEPTA’s fault and responsibility is defined in train accident cases where a passenger becomes injured through no fault of their own. Negligence must be demonstrated where reasonable and proper attention to the safety and well being of the passengers is not carried out. Negligence is characterized by carelessness and dereliction of duty.

Jerk and Jolt Injuries

When a train moves in an unusual and jarring way, literally throwing passengers this way and that within the passenger compartment, this is known as a “jerk and jolt” situation. SEPTA is responsible to provide a safe travelling environment within generally accepted parameters. Regular and controlled stops, starts, and vibrations are part of riding a train, but sudden and violent movement is not.

If this uncontrolled movement happens, for example, because of an improperly operated or maintained train, and your injury is the result, then SEPTA bears responsibility for financial redress.

Train Door Accident

Proper operation and functioning of doors at all times is essential to a safe train ride. If a door opens or closes improperly during boarding or detraining, injuries can result. I have handled MANY cases where my clients get injured by doors closing on them as they try to enter or exit the SEPTA vehicle.

Shades of Gray

Not every situation is clearly defined as to whether you or SEPTA was at fault for your injury, which is where the experience of a leading SEPTA train accident lawyer can provide you with great benefit and the judgement to determine whether SEPTA bears fault for your accident.

Research is required in most cases to establish the facts of the case. SEPTA train accident lawyers look at records and documentation pertaining to your case, including things such as train operation and maintenance schedules, conductor training certification, and even facilities cleaning and repair records.

Witness statements and medical treatment documentation are added to the information that is used to put together a careful account of just how your injury was caused. All the pieces are compiled to become a compelling dossier that a SEPTA accident lawyer uses to represent you and protect your rights.

Please feel free to call leading Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys at 1-800-465-8795 (1-800-injury-law) if you have questions regarding a SEPTA train accident injury, or any injury that you sustained from no fault of your own. All consultations are absolutely free, and we will be able to quickly determine the status of your case and whether you can recover compensation for your injuries.