SEPTA Premise Liability Claims: What You Need to Know

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Premise Liability Claim

When most people think of a lawsuit claim against SEPTA, they think of bus accidents. However, slip and fall incidents are very common while using SEPTA buses and subway systems. Therefore, if you experience a severe injury from a slip and fall, you must contact an attorney to explore your legal options.

SEPTA and the Sovereign Immunity Act

The reason why SEPTA claims require an attorney’s assistance is the fact that there are complex laws that dictate how you can sue a government entity. Under the state’s Sovereign Immunity Act, SEPTA is a governmental entity and is considered “immune” from liability, as well as damages, unless those injuries and damages are caused by dangerous property or the actions of SEPTA.

There are also damage caps and limitations as to what compensation you can receive if you were to bring a lawsuit against SEPTA for your injury. Seeking legal counsel immediately after the accident can increase the chances of a successful lawsuit against SEPTA, and help ensure that you receive the maximum possible compensation for your case.

Slip and Fall Accidents and SEPTA

A slip and fall accident comes under the premise liability section of personal injury law. People are injured every year in devastating slip and fall injuries, as well as trip and fall injuries. When you slip and hurt yourself on SEPTA property, you may have a premise liability claim against SEPTA.

Under premise liability, you can claim compensation for your injuries due to the negligent actions of SEPTA and their employees. You might have been injured because of improper maintenance or operation, or the design of the property was defective. When you are injured on SEPTA-operated or SEPTA-owned property, it is imperative that you contact a personal injury attorney about your injuries.

Liable Parties in a SEPTA Slip and Fall

There are multiple parties that may be liable for a SEPTA slip and fall incident. This includes SEPTA itself, other motorists, distributors and manufacturers, maintenance companies responsible for SEPTA property, and property management firms renting to SEPTA.

Contact a SEPTA Injury Attorney About Your Case

If you have been injured in a serious slip and fall accident on SEPTA property, contact Jeffrey H. Penneys, Esq. now. Attorney Penneys has years of experience handling SEPTA claims, and he understands the specific rules governing government agencies. Contact him today to explore your options. Call his office at 800-465-8795 or 215-987-3550, or reach him by cell phone at 215-771-0430. You can also complete his online contact form, and he will be in touch with you shortly.