Bus Accident Video Used in Defense

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Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawsuit Summary

This bus accident claim was one of the first where surveillance video from a camera on the Septa bus at the time of the accident helped the personal injury jury find in favor of Septa. The camera footage of the Septa bus accident showed the impact was so slight, that the passengers, including the injured Septa passenger, only swayed back and forth as a result of the bus accident with another vehicle, therefore bus accident compensation was denied.

Bus Accident Claims and Facts

This bus accident occured when the Septa bus made a left-turn in front of an oncoming vehicle, causing a bus crash. The other driver was also sued, but it was dismissed prior to trial, since Septa admitted that their bus driver was at fault. What Septa attorneys argued at trial was that even though their bus caused an accident, it was such a minor accident that there was no way the personal injury was related to this event. The personal injury ‘victim’ arrived in court with a cane and wheelchair.

Philadelphia Bus Accident Attorneys Discussion

Surveillance cameras are showing up in more and more buses, and they are both helping and hurting Septa claims. In this case, the camera footage tremendously helped Septa lawyers make the argument that this was a minor accident, and that the injuries claimed by the personal injury victim were not related to this Septa bus wreck.

The jury was apparently impressed that not one person on the bus was thrown from their seat, or even pushed into a window. The only result was the passengers were swayed back and forth for 2 seconds. The Septa attorney’s tactic of admitting fault was a risky one, as jurors may have been persuaded by the injury victim’s bus accident lawyer that Septa admitted they were in the wrong. Luckily for Septa’s lawyer, they were smart enough to realize that not everyone in an accident gets hurt, especially if they are passengers on a Septa bus and not one other bus passenger claimed personal injuries.