Public Transportation Injuries

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If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to the negligence of the South Eastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA), it is important that you hire an experienced attorney who understands the unique aspects of public transportation injury law.

What Is SEPTA?

SEPTA is one of Pennsylvania’s primary forms of public transportation and it has an annual ridership of about 320 million individuals, and operates all five of the major types of transit vehicles. Owned and operated by the State of Pennsylvania, SEPTA has sovereign immunity from some types of lawsuits, but several exceptions to this rule allow personal injury claims to be filed against SEPTA.

Injuries Caused by a Moving Motor Vehicle:

SEPTA may be held liable for injuries caused by any of the five types of operated motor vehicles:

  • Rapid transit trains (subway/elevated)
  • Commuter trains
  • Light rail trolleys
  • Electric trolleys
  • Buses

In order to file a claim, the vehicle must be in motion when you are injured and be the cause of your injury. If you are injured while riding a SEPTA vehicle, or if you are struck and injured by a SEPTA vehicle, you make seek damages. If your injury is not the direct result of negligence by SEPTA, you will not have grounds to file a lawsuit.

Injuries Caused by Defects on SEPTA Property

Injuries due to a defective condition of a SEPTA station may entitle you to compensation. In order to file a claim against SEPTA for defective property, you must be able to demonstrate the physical defect in the property that caused your injury, such as:

  • Uneven flooring on a subway platform
  • A broken step in a train station
  • Sharp metal jutting out from a railing
  • A hole in the concrete at a bus stop

Filing a Claim Against SEPTA

If you have sustained an injury due to negligence by SEPTA due to vehicle or property maintenance, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $250,000. SEPTA is also responsible for the medical bills of those without auto insurance in the event of a motor vehicle accident, regardless of negligence. If you have been injured, contact Jeffrey Harlan Penneys, Esq. at 1-800InjuryLaw (1-800-465-8795) without delay.