Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer Areas of Practice

A serious accident can rip apart the fabric of your life in so many different ways. Physical pain, emotional trauma, and financial pressures all come crashing down on you at virtually the same time, with no warning. The worst part of all this may be the idea that none of this had to happen, but for the careless or reckless misconduct of someone else.

After all this turmoil, you then discover that the battle has only just begun. You file your claim with the insurance company only to run into stonewalling, a paltry settlement offer, or even an outright denial of your claim. You are now facing professional insurance company negotiators who will not give an inch of ground until you show them some leverage. Having a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer on your side can help.

I Am That Leverage

My name is Jeffrey H. Penneys, and I have been practicing personal injury law for almost two decades now. Insurance companies laugh at lawyers who have “all the right stuff” at the negotiating table yet lack the courtroom skills to win a lawsuit against them. They don’t laugh at me, however, because insurance companies research their claimants’ attorneys, and my record speaks for itself.

From the moment I become your attorney, I will seek a settlement offer that accurately reflects the true value of your claim (or more!). A quick settlement doesn’t always happen, of course. Nevertheless, insurance companies prefer to settle out of court with me over 90 percent of the time. I aim to take the stress off of you so that you can concentrate fully on recovering from your injuries.

My Medical Treatment Access Guarantee

“I will make sure you obtain the medical treatment you require for your injuries, without you being obligated to pay your medical bills until after your injury claim has been resolved.” – Jeffrey H. Penneys, Esq.

Types of Personal Injury Cases I Handle

Auto Accidents

As a recognized Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer, I have devoted my personal injury law practice to representing people filing a car accident lawsuit in Philadelphia, filing an auto accident claims, and negotiating car accident settlements against large insurance companies and auto manufacturers.

Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists must follow the same rules of the road as cars and trucks. However, motor vehicles often don’t treat those on bikes with care and consideration. In fact, many drivers don’t know bicycle traffic laws and therefore, they unknowingly endanger cyclists each time they get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, a significant number of Philadelphia bicycle accidents are caused by the carelessness and negligence of others, leaving injured cyclists with mountains of medical bills, serious injuries, and other considerable losses.

Medical Negligence and Malpractices

Doctors take a solemn pledge to help and protect their patients. Yet each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are harmed by a serious medical error. Some of these errors are the fault of the doctor, while others are the fault of a nurse, a staff member, or a medical facility.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycles can be exciting to ride, fun to own, and economical to drive. However, due to their size, weight, and structure, motorcycles are also more dangerous to operate than many other vehicles on the road. In fact, motorcycle riders are significantly more likely to incur catastrophic or fatal injuries in a traffic accident than those traveling in a closed passenger vehicle.

SEPTA Accidents

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) is one of the most popular methods of transportation for people in Philadelphia. Overall, SEPTA is one of the safest methods of getting from here to there for Pennsylvania residents. Thousands of people rely on SEPTA buses,  trains, and trolleys to get them to their destinations on a daily basis. We put our trust in their drivers and maintenance crews for the buses, trains, and subways within their transportation network, never thinking we might need a SEPTA accident attorney to protect our rights. The reality is, numerous bus accidents and train accidents happen every year, and have caused people to sustain life-threatening personal injuries.

SEPTA Claims for Bus Accident

I handle all Pennsylvania Bus Accident Lawsuits for SEPTA claims in public transportation personal injury, school bus injury, and any over-the-road bus accident in Pennsylvania.

Bus accidents happen every day. Philadelphia residents have relied on me to handle numerous SEPTA bus accidents and school bus accidents since I began my practice in 1995. As the number of bus passengers has increased, so too has the percentage of bus accident injury lawsuits.

Slip and Fall

Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys protects the rights of personal injury victims throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Jeff is an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney providing free consultations for those injured by unsafe premises conditions. Call 1-215-771-0430 (Cell) or 1-800-InjuryLaw (1-800-465-8795) for a free slip and fall accident consultation.

Commercial and Semi-Truck Accident

Our Pennsylvania injury lawyer is here to protect your rights! If you have been involved in a collision, Jeffrey Harlan Penneys will help you with truck accident claims. Negligent truck drivers need to be held responsible for your injuries! Call 1-215-771-0430 (Cell) or 1-800-InjuryLaw (1-800-465-8795) 24/7. Have an aggressive Pennsylvania personal injury attorney help you get the compensation you deserve.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one in an accident or due to a medical error is absolutely heartbreaking. Knowing that your loved one’s death should have been prevented, or that it involved someone else’s negligence, can make the grieving process even more difficult. At the same time, many families struggle with losing a pillar of their household, especially if their loved one provided a source of income or other means of household support.

Dog Attack

Dog attacks are more common than you might think. In fact, millions of people across the United States are treated for dog bite injuries every year. If you, a family member, or your pet has suffered serious injuries in a dog attack, you are entitled to financial compensation. As an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney who focuses his practice on representing dog bite victims, I know what you’re going through. I can help you take the owner and insurance companies to task and fight for the compensation you deserve.

There are many different personal injury cases but it is critical that you have a skilled, proven Pennsylvania personal injury attorney on your side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I have to prove to win a personal injury claim?
You must prove:

  • Breach of a duty (normally, breach of the duty of reasonable care) occurred.
  • The breach of duty actually caused the accident.
  • You suffered injuries because of the accident.

You must prove all of the damages that you are claiming by using admissible evidence.

Are there any limits on how much compensation I can receive?
There are no formal limits on how much compensation you can receive unless you sue the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or a municipality. You are also limited to what the at-fault party’s insurance policy limits are. If a jury awards you an outrageously high amount, however, the defendant might appeal the award, and the appeals court judge might overturn it.

Can I sue the employer of a driver who injured me?
Yes, you can, if you can prove that:

  • The driver is liable for your injuries;
  • The driver was on-duty at the time of the accident; and
  • The driver is really an employee (rather than an independent contractor, as most commercial truckers are).

Can I sue an establishment that sold alcohol to a DUI driver who injured me?
Yes, you can sue the establishment under the Pennsylvania Dram Shop Law, if the driver was served by the establishment while visibly intoxicated at the time when served.

Do I automatically lose the case if the accident was partly my fault?
Not automatically. Under Pennsylvania’s comparative negligence statute, you can still recover at least some compensation, as long as the accident was no more than 50 percent your fault. The amount of your compensation, however, will be reduced proportionately by your percentage of fault. For example, if your case is worth $100,000.00, but you were 50% at fault, you will get $50,000.00.

Should I settle my claim or file a lawsuit?
Most of my personal injury cases are resolved by settlement. In some cases, however, a settlement is reached only after a lawsuit has already been filed. In most cases, it is best to attempt settlement first, and then file a lawsuit if the defendant refuses to pay reasonable compensation.

Can I file a lawsuit on behalf of a loved one who died in an accident?
The Pennsylvania wrongful death statute allows the personal representative of the victim’s probate estate to file a lawsuit. If he or she does not do so within two years of the victim’s date of death, the beneficiaries of the victim’s estate may file the lawsuit. Compensation goes to the victim’s estate and to close relatives.

Is there a deadline for filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit?
Yes. You have until two years after an accident to file a personal injury lawsuit, and two years after the victim’s date of death to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Once you file the lawsuit, you have beaten the statute of limitations no matter how long the lawsuit takes to resolve. This rule is extended for those who are injured while minors. In that case, they have until the 20th birthday in which to settle or bring a lawsuit.

Can I sue the manufacturer of a product that injured me?
Yes. Under Pennsylvania product liability law, you can recover from the manufacturer of a product that contains a design defect, a manufacturing defect, or a warning defect (i.e., failure to warn of known dangers associated with the use of the product).

What are “pain and suffering” damages?
Pain and suffering damages are one form of non-economic damages. They are based on the physical pain that you might have suffered from your injury, as well as inconvenience, loss of life’s pleasures, humiliation, embarrassment, etc. In some cases, pain and suffering damages can far exceed the aggregate total of economic damages, such as medical expenses and lost wages.

Will the information I share with you be confidential?
Yes, absolutely. Attorney-client confidentiality is a supremely important ethical principle in the legal profession, and a lawyer can lose his or her license to practice law for divulging confidential client communications. Even a court cannot order the release of confidential client communications.

Can I win a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for an inadequately maintained road?
Yes, you can, if you can prove that the state was negligent and that the inadequate maintenance caused your accident. Damages, however, are limited to $250,000 per victim and $1 million per case (meaning that if there are several injured victims in the same accident, they can all go after a total of $1 million.

Can I file another lawsuit over the same claim if I run out of money later?
No. Once you sign a settlement agreement or have a judgment issued in your case, your claim is permanently extinguished. For this reason, it is critical that you accurately calculate all your damages (future medical expenses, for example) so that you can include them in your original claim. As your injury attorney, I make sure that you are fully compensated for ALL accident-related damages.

Is my judgment or settlement subject to federal taxation?
No. My clients are always very happy when I present them with a check and tell them that it is tax-free.

Am I eligible for punitive damages?
Maybe. Punitive damages require: (i) outrageously culpable conduct on the part of the defendant, and (ii) proof of outrageous conduct by “clear and convincing evidence,” which is an elevated standard of proof. A drunken driving accident, for example, might be an occasion to try for punitive damages.

What is a “preponderance of evidence?”
“Preponderance of the evidence” is the legal standard for proving your case. To win, you must prove each element of your claim (negligence, causation, and damages, for example) by a preponderance of evidence, which means roughly “more likely than not.” This standard is much easier to meet than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard used in criminal prosecutions.

Which losses can I recover for?
Theoretically, you can recover for any loss that arose from your accident. These losses may include, among other items:

  • Medical expenses (past, present, and future)
  • Lost earnings during your recovery period
  • Future loss earning, also known as “loss of earning capacity”
  • Out-of-pocket expenses arising from your injury
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages (in a minority of cases)

Some injuries justify other forms of damages, as well, such as loss of enjoyment of life.

My offer – If You Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay for My Services

Insurance companies have an inherent conflict of interest when dealing with claimants – they make money by accepting premiums, and every dime they pay out in claims is a dime less in revenue that they have to enjoy. It is precisely this reality that makes insurance companies so difficult to deal with.

Our relationship will be different. I am used to winning, both in court and at the settlement table. Because of this, I can afford to offer a contingency fee arrangement – if you don’t win, my services are free; if you do win, I will receive a pre-agreed percentage of your recovery. Unlike insurance companies, I only win if you win too. And that’s the way I (and you) prefer it.

An Experienced Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney – Contact Me Today

If you have suffered a personal injury in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania that you believe may have been someone else’s fault, contact me online today. Otherwise, you can call me toll-free at 1-800-465-8795 or 215-987-3564 (local-direct) or 215-771-0430 (cell) to schedule your free, no-obligation case evaluation. As a skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated personal injury attorney I will listen to your story, tell you what I think, and go over your options with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)