Tips for Truck Accident Injury Victims in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Truck Accident Attorney Jeffrey Harlan Penneys, Esq. has these tips for avoiding the need for a personal injury lawyer when dealing with trucks on Pennsylvania roadways. This is an area that definitely falls under the “better safe than sorry” aspect of life. You have to ask yourself if it is worth the risk before attempting to maneuver around a large truck.

Responsibility Under the Law

Truck on its side due to accident in PhiladelphiaPart of the responsibility for preventing truck accidents is on the shoulders of other drivers. It is not an onerous weight, however, because most of the things we can do to avoid the need to hire truck accident lawyers in Pennsylvania are things we should be doing anyway for the sake of safe and courteous driving. The following tips from experienced truck accident attorney and injury attorney Jeffrey Penneys will keep you safer.

  • Stay out of the truck driver’s large blind spots.

    A big rig has four blind spots much bigger than those of a small vehicle, on each side of the truck. Because the trucker is seated so high relative to other drivers, he needs you to be further away from him to be visible. The general rule is that if you cannot see the trucker directly or in one of his mirrors, he cannot see you, and though you can obviously see his vehicle, he cannot see yours.

  • Never dart in front of a big rig.

    You may suddenly realize your exit is coming up fast, but if there is an 18-wheeler blocking your access to the exit lane, slow down and let it pass rather than speeding up and darting in front of it to make the exit.

    If you misjudge the time you have in that maneuver, the truck may well be unable to slow down for you to cross in front of it. In my experience as a Philadelphia truck accident lawyer, with such a collision, the smaller vehicle always fares worst and injuries tend to be more severe than those of other accidents.

  • Change lanes if you see a big rig speeding down the hill behind you.

    Never assume that it will slow down before hitting your vehicle. Sometimes, on a downhill grade, the trucks massive weight overpowers the drivers ability to stay within the speed limit. Or in some cases there is a mechanical failure that prevents the driver from braking effectively. You have no way of knowing.

    You might also want to use your horn to alert other drivers further down the hill. In mountainous areas there are always extra truck lanes running uphill next to the downhill highway and a good trucker can always steer into one of these lanes to stop his vehicle. In the flatter areas around Philadelphia visibility and safety can be greater.

  • Always allow a trucker to change lanes if you see him signaling.

    Again, because of the trucks size and weight, the driver needs extra time and distance to change lanes and cannot do it impulsively, as so many small vehicles do.

    It is good driving courtesy to stay out of the way of truckers and allow them to get their behemoth to where they needs it to be. He may be preparing to exit and needs to start early so as to be ready when the exit comes up. Or he may be behind schedule and wanting to get into the fast lane and be off to his next drop-off point. Any Philadelphia truck accident attorney will tell you there are dire consequences but no benefit to getting in his way.

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