Philadelphia Trip and Fall Lawsuit Over Uneven Sidewalk

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Sidewalk Fall Down Lawsuit Summary

This Philadelphia trip and fall lawsuit resulted due to a property owner not maintaining the sidewalk on his premises in a safe condition. A brick on the sidewalk was elevated approximately three inches from the rest of the pavement. As the personal injury plaintiff walked by (at nighttime), she caught her foot on the paver and fell face first onto the ground. She suffered facial injuries as well as internal derangement of the right knee. The property owner claimed that the sidewalk was in fine condition, and that the tripping personal injury was because the woman was not looking where she was going.

Philadelphia Trip and Fall Claims and Facts

The premises liability evidence gathered in this Philadelphia trip claim revealed that the injured woman was walking along the sidewalk at night. She had recently moved to the neighborhood, so was not familiar with the faulty sidewalk. As she passed the defendant’s house, she tripped and fell, hitting the ground hard. She righted herself onto her buttocks and as she sat there trying to collect herself, she saw that a brick was raised approximately three inches up from the pavement. She knew that this brick was what caused her to fall and injure herself. Experienced injury lawyer Jeffrey Penneys contended at trial that the defendant failed to properly maintain his property, and failed to warn of the dangerous condition. The defendant claimed that the injured woman was not walking carefully, was not looking where she should have been, and was walking too fast.

Personal Injury Trip and Fall Jury Decision

All of those arguments were rejected by the jury. The jury found the property owner 100% at fault for negligently maintaining his property. They felt that the brick was so obviously raised that the property owner had to have known about it and that the failure to repair his premises was the reason this trip and fall accident happened.

Trip and Fall Jury Verdict

After trial, the premises liability defense appealed, arguing that the Philadelphia trial judge made some errors of law. They came to me during the appeal and made an offer of less money than was awarded. After some negotiations, my client agreed to settle for a lesser amount, but only if the sidewalk was repaired within 30 days. This was agreed to and after the repair was made, we signed the release and the trip/fall case was over.

Philadelphia Trip and Fall Lawyer Discussion

This trip and fall lawsuit highlights how important personal injury lawyers are to society. Here, we were able to not only get fair trip and fall compensation for the incident, but we also protected others from suffering the same personal injury as my client did.