Philadelphia Premises Lawyer Negligent Security Settlement

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Negligent Security Results in Serious Injuries and Settlement of Philadelphia Premises Case

Philadelphia personal injury client was a patron at a local bar on 3rd & South Streets, in Philadelphia. While on the premises, another patron, who was drunk, started a fight with injury client’s friend. The personal injury victim tried to break up the fight and the assailant took out a knife and stabbed my client in the leg and hand. The assailant then fled the scene on a bicycle, but was later found and arrested by the Philadelphia police. Retained as his Philadelphia premises lawyer, I filed a premise liability lawsuit against the bar alleging negligent security.

Philadelphia Negligent Security Premises Liability Claims And Facts

As the Philadelphia premises lawyer, I initially met with the personal injury client to discuss the facts. I then went to the bar with him, and he showed me where the personal injury incident occured. Because it was on the premises, in the area controlled by the bar (an outside patio area), I explained that the bouncers had a duty to protect and intervene if violence occurs. My personal injury client explained that after he was slashed by the knife, the bouncers actually let the assailant back inside the bar, and then locked the doors. They apparently knew this guy, and were more concerned with him than my injured client. After the Philadelphia premises liability lawsuit was filed, I took the deposition of the bar owner, and various employees. They all lied about what happened and where it happened. Fortunately, there were other, independent witnesses who testified in my client’s favor. A substantial Philadelphia premises liability settlement ensued.

Premises Liability Damages Discussion

The premises liability settlement happened in large part because the bar owner was a lousy witness. He came off as a smug, arrogant liar. On the other hand, the personal injury victim is an extremely nice guy that you cannot help but to like. The premises liability damages were based on a significant scar on the lower right leg, as well as a less-significant scar on his right hand.

Premises Liability Lawyer, Philadelphia Discussion

This Philadelphia premises liability case highlights the importance of having a nice personal injury victim who comes across as a truthful person. It also shows how an unlikeable defendant will motivate a settlement, as they do not want to put such an individual in front of a jury for fear that the jury will dislike him so much, the damnage award could be significantly higher than what they will pay in the premises liability settlement.

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