Are Personal Injury Cases Small Claims Court Cases?

Categories: Personal Injury Lawyer

filling out personal injury forms

After a severe injury in a car accident, you find yourself at a stalemate with the insurance company. They refuse to settle, pay your bills, and now you find yourself with excessive costs piling up and nowhere to turn. With settlements no longer an option, you must decide if you plan to sue or forget…

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Tips for Winning Motorcycle Injury Claims

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motorcycle rider

Trusted Motorcycle Injury Attorney Serving Pennsylvania Clients Motorcycles do not offer the protection you need to avoid serious injury in an accident. Often the injuries are catastrophic, and you find yourself with endless medical costs, lost wages, and the physical agony of the injury itself. Naturally, you want to be able to recover physically, but…

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Personal Injury and the Loss of Earning Capacity Claim

Categories: Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury loss of earning compensation

Pennsylvania’s Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer As part of personal injury compensation, you are entitled to collect compensation for your lost wages as well as future earnings you will now be denied due to your injury. When injuries are severe enough to affect your ability to earn a living, or the injuries are considered long-term, calculating…

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Who Is Liable for an Icy Sidewalk?

Categories: Slip / Fall Lawyer

slip and fall on sidewalk

Pennsylvania’s Trusted Liability Attorney Winters in Pennsylvania bring snow, colder temperatures, and plenty of ice. With ice and snow littering the walkways around town, there are bound to be some slips and falls this season. If you slipped and injured yourself on a sidewalk, who would be liable for your injuries? Unfortunately, the answer is…

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Is SEPTA Always at Fault for an Accident?

Categories: SEPTA Accident Lawyer

SEPTA Accident

Fault in an accident is important. After all, fault determines which party is financially liable for injuries. When you ride public transportation, you expect that the driver of that bus or subway will be responsible and keep you safe. If an accident occurs, you feel betrayed and may place the blame on the driver or…

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