Philadelphia injury attorney warns about social media

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Did you know that your social media postings can be used against in Pennsylvania courts?

There is a growing trend now in criminal and civil courtrooms across the nation where text messages, web histories, and social media posts are becoming evidence in trials, including personal injury lawsuits. Remember the infamous web search on chloroform in the Casey Anthony murder trial?

Pennsylvania’s appellate courts are currently debating a case in which text messages were used to help convict a suspected drug dealer.

This use of an individual’s social media and digital history in court is so new that the law is really trying to catch up now.

In a report on MarketWatch, a Southern California attorney Stan Freeman noted that it is now “standard procedure” for insurance companies to seek out and use information from social media sites.

Victims should heed the advice of a Philadelphia accident lawyer and always be wary about what they post and share on social media networks or text to their friends.

It’s not just about protecting a potential injury case, it’s about protecting yourself at all times.

Social media sites are fun. The ease of text messaging is a communications advantage. Using these tools is fine, as long as people pay attention and use them in safe and secure ways.

Everyone knows that it’s not smart to post when you are going to leave home for vacation on social media so that every burglar in town can cash in while you’re gone. Social media users need to develop similar filters for all their postings and online interactions.

Protecting yourself in Pennsylvania personal injury cases in the digital world requires applying common sense. The best advice is to set strong privacy controls, think before you fire off a post or a reply to make sure you really want your comment seen by the rest of the world, and assume that everything you post will be accessible to everyone else.

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