Philadelphia Hazardous Premises Verdict for Injured Party

Categories: Slip / Fall

Trip and Fall Case Summary

In this Philadelphia fall down case, the personal injury victim stated that she fell due to an uneven sidewalk on the Philadelphia property owner’s premises.  The property owner denied that the sidewalk was defective and argued that the woman bringing the trip and fall lawsuit fell because she was not being attentive or careful.

Trip and Fall Claims and Facts

The evidence revealed that in the Spring of 2008, the personal injury victim was entering the defendant’s Philadelphia grocery store when she tripped and fell on an uneven walking surface of the sidewalk on the premises in front of the store. The premises liability lawyer for the plaintiff contended that the defendants failed to properly design or construct the sidealk, and failed to warn pedestrians of the dangerous condition.

The Defendants denied all premises liability for the trip and fall accident, suggesting that there was no defect on their property. The premises liability lawyer for the defense also argued that the premises injury victim was contributorily negligent in causing the fall down.

Trip and Fall Lawsuit Verdict

The Philadelphia trip and fall lawsuit jury found that the grocery store was 50% negligent, and the property owner was 50% negligent as well. They also found that the plaintiff did nothing wrong to cause the fall.

Philadelphia Trip and Fall Lawyer Discussion

For trip and fall lawsuits in Pennsylvania, this case is typical of what happens. The defense usually argues that there was no defect, and that the injured party was the cause of her own fall. Personal injury lawyers are faced with these defense arguments all the time, and a good Philadelphia trip and fall lawyer will know what the counter-arguments are to overcome these defenses.