Philadelphia Car Accident Lawsuit Verdict

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Philadelphia car accident lawyer discusses pedestrian accident trial resulting in a jury verdict for the injured victim.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Summary

The plaintiff in this car accident was a pedestrian injured when he was struck by the driver of a car while lawfully crossing the street. The car driver argued that the victim walked-out into traffic at a busy intersection and therefore was responsible for his own injuries. The injuries included a fractured femur that needed surgery, 3 herniated discs and permanent scarring from the surgery.

Car Accident Claims and Facts

When I first met with the personal injury client to discuss the car accident lawsuit, I was told that he was crossing 16th Street at Market Street in Philadelphia County. The defendant was on Market Street attempting to make a left turn onto 16th Street. The injured victim had the green light. But as 16th is one-way, the driver made a left on a red, and struck the injury victim on his right thigh, throwing him to the ground causing serious personal injuries.

Because the accident happened right around the corner from my Philadelphia personal injury law office, we went to the scene of the car accident and he described to me exactly what happened.  It was clear that he had the right-of-way, and that the driver had a red light. There were no witnesses, so it was a ‘he-said/she-said’ scenario.

I took the deposition of the driver of the car, and got him to admit that his light was red. The lawyer for the defense eventually agreed that they were at fault, but would not make a fair car accident compensation offer. When that happens, we have no choice but to take the case to trial and argue before a jury. The reason the offer was low was because the defense did not agree that the injury was as bad as the personal injury victim said it was. They even went so far as to hire their own doctor to dispute the severity of the car accident injuries.

Our car accident case relied on my client and his doctors. My client was a very likeable person, and he testified very well about the personal injury and how it effected his life.

Pennsylvania Court Decision

The jury loved my client and was offended that the car accident lawyer was trying to avoid responsibility for what happened. This is typical when the injured party is a good person and comes across as such.

Judgment or Award for Damages

The award for car accident compensation was very fair under the circumstances, and my client could not have been happier with the result.  

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Discussion

This car accident lawsuit highlights how important it is to have a client that comes across well. I have had many clients who are not likeable, and juries do not feel very generous in those cases. In fact, if a client of mine is that type of person, I will try to avoid a jury trial and perhaps get the case out of the jury system and into Alternative Dispute Resolution.