Philadelphia Bus Claims, Passenger Thrown From Bus

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Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawsuit Summary

Alleged SEPTA accident involving bus is disputed forcing SEPTA lawyers to settle the SEPTA claim and give bus accident compensation.

Bus Accident Claims:

The alleged personal injury victim is standing inside SEPTA bus waiting for it to stop. The SEPTA Bus comes to the victim’s stop and the injury victim begins exiting the bus. Before she can fully exit, the driver pulls away from the stop, throwing the passenger out the doors and into the street. SEPTA lawyers argued that it is impossible for a SEPTA bus to be in motion while the doors are ajar, but it is proven by the SEPTA accident lawyer prosecuting the case, through testimony by a SEPTA mechanic, that if the sensors are not working properly, the bus may in fact be able to drive off.

Operation of Bus

It was strenuously argued by Septa that the doors cannot be opened while the bus is in motion. The driver testified that the personal injury accident could not, and did not, happen the way the accident victim described , but the injured rider was very clear that the bus pulled-off while the doors were open, causing her to be thrown from inside the bus onto the street. The SEPTA accident lawyer for the victim took the deposition of a SEPTA mechanic, who testified that rain, moisture, wear and tear, etc., could in fact cause the sensors that prevent the bus from moving when the doors are open to not work properly, and that the bus could in fact move.

Bus Accident Compensation

After the deposition of the mechanic, which contradicted that of the bus driver, SEPTA settled the bus accident case.