Philadelphia Bus Claim, Bus Hits Car Injury Lawsuit

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Philadelphia Bus Accident Claim Summary

The personal injury victim claims that a SEPTA bus negligently approached an intersection and collided with her vehicle. SEPTA, the defendant, argued that the bus accident was caused when the personal injury victim negligently pulled away from a stop sign and violated the right of way of the SEPTA bus, causing the accident.

Bus Accident Claims and Facts

The driver (injury victim) testified that her view was obstructed by a truck in the eastbound lane totally blocking her vision of approaching traffic. She testified that the SEPTA bus approached from the west and was negligent because the bus driver failed to be cautious while passing the stopped truck. The personal injury victim alleged that the SEPTA bus struck her after she pulled out from her stop sign. An eye witness who was in the stopped truck testified during the lawsuit, that the injured party pulled out from her stop sign without even looking for oncoming traffic, thus causing the bus accident.

Bus Accident Lawsuit Verdict

The Pennsylvania personal injury jury found that the SEPTA bus driver was not negligent, and that the injured party should have approached the intersection more carefully. Verdict for SEPTA.

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