Hiring the Right Philadelphia Birth Defects Lawyer Reduces Stress

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Birth defects lawyer Philadelphia

Not only do birth defects affect around one in 33 newborns, they are the leading cause of death in the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). In 2006, birth defects accounted for 5,819 deaths.

Birth defects lawyer PhiladelphiaIn a number of cases, children can develop permanent damage from preventable birth injuries. Improper oxygen flow during labor and delivery can lead to cerebral palsy. A medical professional improperly pulling on a infant’s head when stuck in the birth canal can lead to Erb’s palsy, another case of medical negligence in Pennsylvania.

These types of cases are incredibly difficult to imagine, and certainly to experience as parents, but unfortunately they do occur in Pennsylvania birthing. Medical mistakes made in the birth process can have long-lasting, inextricable effects on the medical well-being and quality of life of a child.

Aside from the tumultuous emotional effects that are certainly seen, there is an incredible burden that is placed financially as well. According to the numbers from the CDC, birth defects account for over 139,000 hospital stays during a single year. That results in nearly $2.6 million in hospital bills.

The overall stress that is thus placed on a family is enormous. High medical costs piled on top of the incredible emotional stress can put a family over the edge unless they have a representative to handle the legal aspects.

As a well-known and respected Philadelphia birth injury lawyer, I realize that the immediate and remaining costs – coupled with the emotional toll present – can be staggering, so I work as your advocate to shield you from stress. Don’t be afraid to act today in order to provide a high quality of life for your child and your family.

Hiring the right Philadelphia injury lawyer is the first step to ensure that your stress will be bearable and will allow your family to live with an overall high quality of life after the birth injury has been put behind you.