Philadelphia Auto Negligence Limited Tort Lawsuit

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Philadelphia Auto Negligence Case Results in Big Verdict for the Injured Limited Tort Victim

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Case Study

This Limited Tort lawsuit is an example of how a good Philadelphia car accident lawyer can get a personal injury victim compensation if he suffers a serious injury in an auto accident in Pennsylvania.

Limited Tort Claims and Facts

The personal injury victim was in an older model pick-up truck that was traveling in Philadelphia County, PA when it was struck by another auto that tried to merge into the injury victim’s lane without looking. The driver of the car claimed that the plaintiff was the one that tried switching lanes without looking. Fortunately for the car accident victim, there was an independent witness who testified that the accident was not the plaintiff’s fault. The plaintiff was diagnosed with herniated discs, and complained of ongoing, radiating back pain which limited his physical activities. He testified that it was difficult to walk, and that he is constantly tired. The auto accident defense attorney hired a doctor who testified that the plaintiff did not suffer any disc injuries, and that all of his problems were due to his age, which was only 50. The jury found the defendant driver 100% at fault for the auto accident, and awarded the car accident personal injury plaintiff $250,000.00 in damages.

Philadelphia Limited Tort Lawsuit Discussion

This auto accident claim highlights the many problems that Limited Tort plaintiffs have when they bring a lawsuit for injuries sustained in Pennsylvania car accidents. When someone is carrying Limited Tort insurance, it is very difficult to get accident compensation, unless it can be proved very clearly that there was “serious injury.” Here, the injured victim’s doctor’s testified very clearly that the injuries were severe, and that the personal injuries would effect the plainitff for the rest of his life. The jury apparently took that testimony more seriously than that of the defense doctor, who of course testified that the injuries were not related to the accident, but because of his age. Insurance companies often defend limited tort cases, and are often successful in court because the plaintiff cannot show that he suffered a serious injury.