Philadelphia Auto Accident Settlement for Permanent Injuries

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Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawsuit Summary

This Philadelphia auto accident lawsuit involved a 40 year old police officer personal injury victim in the course and scope of his employment when his police vehicle was rear-ended by a driver operating a company car. The auto accident defendants did not dispute that they were at fault, but did argue that the impact was minimal and the personal injuries could not have been caused by such a light impact. As the auto accident case was developed, the defense doctors agreed that the injuries were related and permanent.

Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawsuit Facts

The officer was performing a routine check of a bank and while stopped, was rear-ended by the other vehicle. The injured officer claimed that he was pushed back and forth inside his vehicle, and twisted his back at the same time. From the scene, the officer was taken to the ER and treated for a head injury as well as back and neck pain. The records showed that he also complained of vision loss in his left eye. The defendants’ only argument was that the impact was so light, that the officer could not have been hurt that badly.

Philadelphia Auto Accident Settlement Discussion

This auto accident lawsuit involved a minimal impact with very little property damage. Defense lawyers and insurance companies love these types of cases because typically they can show property damage photographs to the jury as their best evidence that the auto accident was no where near as bad as the person injury party claims. In fact, when I see photographs in my auto accident cases with no property damage, it raises a big red flag.

Here, however, the police officer had never been involved in any other accident, was regularly examined by the police force in connection with his employment, and was in perfect health at the time of this personal injury accident. All of the officer’s doctors stated that the injuries were directly related to the auto accident, and that his injuries were permanent. Once he was examined by the defense doctors and thay agreed, the auto accident settlement was a foregone conclusion. This case is a good example of how important it is to document the injured parties past medical history, and to make sure that he or she gets the appropriate treatment immediately after an auto accident.

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