Philadelphia, PA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Fighting for Accident and Injury Settlements

Pennsylvania Motorcycle accident lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys, Esq. offers you a great opportunity to get a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident settlement with his “No Win, No Fees” policy. In hiring him as your Pennsylvania motorcycle Accident Lawyer you get an experienced Philadelphia accident lawyer in your corner.

You have the option to resolve your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claim by pursuing a motorcycle accident settlement. However, negotiating with an insurance company is not a task for the average man or woman. It can be extremely hard, frustrating, and confusing.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Settlement Lawyer

If your case is complicated or involves a large settlement amount, you are well advised to hire an PA motorcycle lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Remember, if the insurance company tells you that you don’t need a motorcycle injury lawyer, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer!

Insurance companies use many tricks to try and lower your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident compensation amount. One popular tactic is for them to take a lengthy amount of time and make you wait to receive money. Knowing that personal injury victims need money from their motorcycle accident compensation settlement to pay medical bills and compensate for wages lost because of your injury, the insurance companies intend to make you jump through as many hoops as they can during the motorcycle accident settlement process and delay their actions, to make you more desperate for a quicker cash receipt and more likely to accept a much lower motorcycle accident settlement they offer. They will also attempt to cast all doubt they can on your claims if you do not have the adequate paperwork. Good motorcycle lawyers are invaluable when these tactics are attempted in your motorcycle accident compensation negotiations in Pennsylvania.

Motorcycle Accident Settlement Calculator

I wish it were as simple as having a motorcycle accident settlement calculator to determine motorcycle accident compensation, but we have no such tool. Until I discuss your accident claim with you, get details and find out who your insurance company is, I cannot estimate motorcycle accident settlement amounts. Contact me to start the process as soon as possible. The fresher the claim, the better I can advise you. If you have kept records of everything concerning with your motorcycle crash, your motorcycle lawyer will be in a better position to negotiate your motorcycle injury compensation with the insurance company.

Negotiating Motorcycle Accident Settlements

Remember that an insurance settlement in a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident is really a negotiation between the insurance company and your motorcycle lawyer to determine the price that will keep you from taking your case to court for a motorcycle accident lawsuit. If you are an inexperienced negotiator, you will want the best motorcycle accident compensation lawyer in Pennsylvania.

Before meeting with the insurance company, the law firm of Jeffrey H. Penneys, Esq. will determine a range that is acceptable to you to for settlement of the motorcycle accident claim. We’ll call it your “win number.” Insurance companies have their “win numbers” too, and I can practically guarantee it is lower than yours! Good motorcycle accident attorneys move the insurance adjuster’s win number to a larger amount, getting you a large Pennsylvania motorcycle accident settlement amount.

Remember in motorcycle accident settlements we are essentially “selling to your rights back to the insurance company in exchange for not making them go to court” over the motorcycle accident. Just the fact that you are hiring a top motorcycle lawyer strengthens your position considerably in their eyes. Not only is the motorcycle lawyer more experienced at negotiations, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer sends the message that you are not afraid of taking the motorcycle accident claim to trial if the settlement offer is not adequate.

What Motorcycle Lawyers Do

During a motorcycle accident injury settlement, motorcycle lawyers will take care of gathering all the necessary information and submitting it to the insurance company on your behalf. I will accurately determine the amount of pain and suffering award you can ask for and I am also aware of all the rules that are designed to protect your rights in motorcycle accident claims. As an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, I may also know people in the insurance company you’re dealing with, increasing the odds of a painless settlement in your favor, as my reputation is being a hard negotiator in Pennsylvania motorcycle accident settlements.

Finally, and most importantly, us lawyers have lots of experience with insurance negotiations. This experience lets me, as your PA motorcycle accident lawyer, negotiate harder than you would be able to on your own, and ensures that you are likely get more money in your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident settlement than you would if you negotiated for yourself. You don’t need the pain of negotiating to go with the pain and suffering from your personal injury accident.

Filing A Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim

Before you get to the settlement phase of any negotiation, you must first file an insurance claim after the motorcycle accident. How thorough you are with the information you collect and how you present it in this important step will directly affect how much money you will be able to receive in your motorcycle accident settlement.

First, immediately after a crash make sure you take pictures of the accident and the surrounding area. Keep these backed up and private as an ace in hole for your motorcycle accident lawyer to use in any negotiations with the insurance company. If you did not get a copy of the police report, Jeffrey H. Penneys, Esq. will get a copy of the police report and any tickets that assign blame for the wreck. If you think you are suffering from a personal injury in any form, make sure you visit the emergency room immediately after the crash. Whether or not you seek treatment from a doctor is one way the insurance company uses to determine if you were truly injured in a motorcycle accident or not. If you do not seek treatment immediately after the wreck, they can make a case that the personal injury was caused by something other than the motorcycle crash.

If you are getting ongoing care for injuries as a result of the motorcycle injury crash make sure you keep copies of all medical records associated with the motorcycle accident. Additionally, keep records of any lost wages from missing work and any money and time you spend commuting to and from doctors or hospitals. Motorcycle accident lawyers use all of this documentation in negotiations to determine the amount of motorcycle accident compensation in your motorcycle accident settlement in Pennsylvania.

If your motorcycle was damaged in an accident, take it to a body shop that you trust and be sure to keep all records of repair. Insurance companies have certified body shops that you can take your motorcycle to so that in the event the repaired part fails you are covered. It is okay to take your cycle to a second shop to verify that all repairs were done correctly.

No Win, No Fee Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Remember, by hiring Jeffrey H. Penneys, Esq. to either settle a motorcycle accident injury case or litigate any motorcycle accident insurance claim, I offer you services on the basis of “no win no fee,” also known as a “conditional fee agreement.” This is a great way for you to litigate motorcycle accident claims because it lets you hire a quality motorcycle lawyer without spending money out of pocket initially.

It costs the same to hire a good motorcycle lawyer as a bad one. Call Jeffrey Harlan Penneys at 1-215-771-0430 (Cell) or 1-800-InjuryLaw (1-800-465-8795) to start down the road to put your life back in order!