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Patients should not have to worry about being harmed by the health care system, but the system fails far too often. A doctor in a hurry, a misread test result, or a mistake in a lab report can result in a misdiagnosis or in a failure to diagnose. Sick patients are sent home — where they become sicker. When the doctor misdiagnosis results in a life-changing injury, you need a good Pennsylvania medical misdiagnosis attorney.

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Doctor looking at imagesFailure to diagnose a medical problem or misdiagnosis of a problem can cause life-changing damage to the patient. In many cases, the result is a wrongful death suit. Medical misdiagnosis refers to a health care provider’s failure to correctly diagnose a condition or delay the start of treatment. Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys, Esq., will relentlessly pursue negligence compensation for Pennsylvania clients injured by physician misdiagnosis. I have been successful because I have years of experience litigating all types of personal injury medical misdiagnosis cases such as:

Misdiagnosis of cancer:

A cancer misdiagnosis means no treatment. If the cancer is diagnosed later, it may be too late for meaningful treatment. Skin cancer, breast cancer, sarcoma, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, testicular cancer, and other cancers get worse with time and lack of treatment. If a cancer misdiagnosis caused a far graver situation or even wrongful death, talk to me!

Heart attack and stroke misdiagnosis:

When a patient comes to an emergency room with heart attack or stroke symptoms, a wrong diagnosis can mean a delay in necessary care. The result could be wrongful death or a severe, life-changing disability.

Head injury misdiagnosis:

When a subdural hematoma or concussion or aneurism is misdiagnosed as a headache and the patient is sent home without treatment, the result can be permanent disability or death.

Infection misdiagnosis:

If a medical professional fails to properly treat an infection, the patient could die or face a necessary amputation.

Meningitis misdiagnosis:

When doctors misread symptoms and fail to order the appropriate tests, they may dismiss meningitis as simply a case of flu. The result of such a missed diagnosis is often wrongful death.

Phildadelphia, PA Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney Case Determination

Determining if you have a potential legal case for medical negligence or malpractice is difficult, but one sign your misdiagnosis attorneys look for signals that you may have a medical misdiagnosis claim would be a very different result than expected from a surgery or medical treatment.

Medical Misdiagnosis Lawuits and Damages

As your medical misdiagnosis attorney, if I am able prove your medical malpractice misdiagnosis lawsuit, and the provider is found negligent, you are entitled to recover “damages.” Damages are intended to help you return to the condition you were in prior to the injury.

Several forms of damages are recoverable in a medical malpractice award – for lost wages or medical expenses, for pain and suffering, or to punish reckless behavior (rare). You may also receive misdiagnosis compensation for future medical expenses and loss of future earnings.

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Failure to diagnose correctly lawsuits that are common:

cancer misdiagnosis
diabetes misdiagnosis
autism misdiagnosis
lymphoma misdiagnosis
fibromyalgia misdiagnosis
asthma misdiagnosis

Our medical malpractice lawyers provide legal assistance to victims and families whose lives are altered by negligent doctors and hospitals.

Did you know that you still have legal rights even if you signed a consent form?

A consent form does not give the health care provider a license to commit malpractice. A typical consent form indicates acknowledgement of stated risks and complications associated with a given treatment or procedure, however, it does not relieve the health care provider from the duty of meeting the standard of care associated with a treatment or procedure.

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