A Trial Lawyer for Your Philadelphia Injury Lawsuit

Jeffrey Harlan Penneys ready to help chis clients in Pennsylvania.Do you know the difference between a Philadelphia injury lawyer who handles trial law and an injury lawyer who is a litigator, but not a trial lawyer?

Both can represent plaintiffs in lawsuits, however, litigators deal with the filing of papers with the courts, and request documents from the defense. They spend a lot of time dealing with documents and writing letters. When litigators want a ruling for their client they put the request in writing, called a motion.

This is known as a “motions practice.” Litigators tend to be tethered to their offices, computers, and phones. From time to time they interview witnesses, review documents at their client’s location, or go to depositions.

Trial lawyers, on the other hand, actually do the courtroom work that you see when watching lawyers in movies or in television shows. I am injury lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys, Esquire and I am a trial lawyer. Although not as exciting or dramatic as you see in the movies, we do the opening statement, the cross-examination of witnesses, the interaction with the judge, and waiting for a jury to return its verdict with our Philadelphia injury clients.

Most people have a distorted view of how injury lawyers work with regard to trial law. The primary distortion about an injury lawyer is that we go to trial with every case. In fact, non-criminal trials, like an accident case, almost never go to trial. More than 90 percent are resolved before trial.

The most important difference between litigators and trial lawyers is the experience they bring to the equation. Don’t assume that the injury lawyer who knows how to write motions or take depositions has experience handling a trial situation. Litigators spend so much time in their offices that appearing before an actual judge causes some of them to suffer from anxiety when appearing in an actual courtroom, before an actual judge, and your case suffers.

An experienced trial attorney, Jeffrey Harlan Penneys, Esq., goes into a claim with the goal of settling the matter out of court; however, he prepares your case in such a way that if it is necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit, he is prepared.

You want a lawyer who has some good trial experience because when the defense knows that your accident lawyer has achieved good results at trial in the past, and isn’t afraid to take a case to trial, it increases your chances for a quicker and larger settlement.

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