PA Personal Injury Lawyers Firm Structures

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The career structures of PA personal injury lawyers varies widely. After becoming licensed, a personal injury lawyer in PA may take on any kind of case – so long as the lawyer believes they can competently handle it!

However, to provide a level of protection for victims, legal ethics require inexperienced PA personal injury lawyers to enlist appropriate legal help until they can learn the issues to competently represent the client. That’s all fine and good, but did you know you can get an experienced Philadelphia injury lawyer for the same price? Simply call 1-800-465-8795 for a free consultation for your Pennsylvania case.

Most PA personal injury lawyers prefer to focus on a few areas of injury law to better gain the knowledge and experience necessary to provide high quality representation to their clients.

PA personal injury lawyersPersonal injury litigation and trial law involves a broad scope of claims including accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, car accident wrongful death, and many more. It is a generally accepted principle that if you narrow your focus you become better at those things you specialize in. Some Pennsylvania injury attorneys choose to devote the majority of their time and energy to a few specialized areas within personal injury law, thus becoming more experienced at handling very specific types of cases.

You can see by using my navigation menu that I focus my practice on just a handful of specialties. I do have relationships with other injury attorneys in other areas of the law, so feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch with the best lawyer for you.

Choosing the Size of the PA Law Firm

Injury lawyers may start a solo practice or join a small, mid, or large sized law firm as an associate. Owners of a personal injury law firm are referred to as “partners” in their firms. Attorneys typically start as associates and work their way toward partner.

Solo practitioners of personal injury law offer a number of benefits to clients, including more personal attention and a one-on-one working relationship between the lawyer and the client that a larger firm may not be able to provide. Depending on experience level, sole practitioners are often willing to take on smaller cases of particular interest to them, and may even have lower contingency fees than large firms with higher overhead.

A small injury law firm may employ three to ten lawyers and support staff who provide expertise in any number of personal injury matters, and can handle a surprisingly wide range of legal cases among them, as they pool their collective knowledge.

Mid-size and large firms, with ten to hundreds of lawyers may offer legal representation in almost every major area P.I. law, and have several highly experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers, but the interests of the client start to become secondary to the interests of the firm. These firms are most useful for high profile cases due to the fact that they may have a number of well known “name attorneys” with high levels of expertise. But as you may guess, those high profile lawyers tend to have their associates do the real work.

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