PA Car Accident Lawyer Advice: Don’t Give a Recorded Statement

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When you have been injured in a car accident, it is best to hold-off on any recorded statements or even any extended conversations with insurance companies before getting in touch with a qualified PA car accident lawyer.

PA car accident lawyersThe insurance companies begin the preparation of their case as soon as they are made aware of your Pennsylvania car accident, and your best possible course of action is to start posturing right away as well. It is very much a part of their strategy to capture a statement from you when you are still in shock. They also know that once you hire a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer, they have lost their chance to record your version of the accident.

If you have already talked with an insurance representative, or already given a recorded statement, don’t worry about it, just get in contact with an expert PA car accident lawyer as soon as it is practical for you, so you can remember everything you told them in the statement.

Frazzled Nerves After a Car Accident Makes Your Memory Unclear

For most people, an automobile collision is a mentally jarring incident that throws your emotions off for a period of time. We find that many people have a much clearer picture of what happened after their mind rests. Your injuries may be such that you are limited in functioning or mobility, and you are out of your comfort zone in terms of work and family life, so you can’t focus.

Giving a recorded statement at this sensitive time can easily result in you saying something that may not even be true, and you’ll later wish had been said differently – or not at all. This is where my experience as a leading Philadelphia car accident lawyer is invaluable; helping you to control how your case is presented, making sure that you are represented in the best way possible.

Free PA Car Accident Lawyer Consultations

Most clients report an immediate easing of their mind once we talk. This is because my office will handle all communications with the insurance company representatives, freeing you from any worry about who you should or should not be talking to, and what should be said or not said.

If you end up eventually recording your account of what happened, we will consult first to make sure that you are comfortable with what you are saying, and that it is in your best interest to be doing so. PA car accident lawyers look at the big picture and coordinate all the evidence and elements of your case, from police reports, traffic cameras and witness accounts, to negotiations and any statements that you make.

I know that it’s not easy to figure out exactly what to do after a car accident, especially when your injuries are occupying your time as well. Just place a call to Philadelphia auto accident lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys at 1-800-465-8795 (1-800-injury-law) to put an expert in charge of your car accident case.