Motorcyclist Injured by City of Philadelphia Police

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Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Summary

A motorcyclist injured by a City of Philadelphia Police vehicle received a large verdict in his Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawsuit. A motorcyclist riding in Southwest Philadelphia comes to a red light and he stops. Light turns green, and he proceeds through the intersection, when a City of Philadelphia van without lights and sirens activated, runs a red light and slams into the motorcycle causing serious motorcyclist personal injuries resulting in multiple surgeries.

Motorcycle Accident Claims and Facts

The driver of the Philadelphia city van claimed that the lights and sirens were on, and that the injured motorcyle operator was not paying attention.  The Philadelphia motorcycle personal injury lawyer and personal injury victim sued the City of Philadelphia, under the Tort Claims Act. Fortunately for the injured motorcyclist, there were a number of independent witnesses who saw the entire motorcycle accident, and testified that the police ran the light and had no lights and sirens on.

Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discussion

This Philadelphia motorcycle accident claim highlights the fact that independent witnesses can make or break a personal injury lawsuit. In this very serious motorcycle accident case, the City of Philadelphia was vigorously defending themselves and trying to put the fault for the motorcycle accident on the injured motorcycle operator.  Under the Tort Claims Act, an injured personal injury victim must prove that the City was not only at fault for the motorcycle accident and personal injuries resulting, but it must also be proved that these personal injuries are permament injuries. Here, the personal injuries were severe. The injured victim had to undergo multiple surgeries to repair is leg, and this resulted in permanent scarring and skin discoloration. Even though the surgeries helped the motorcycle accident victim, he was never going to be back to his pre motorcycle accident condition. His own doctors testified that he had permanent personal injuries and would have to walk with a cane for the rest of his life. He was only 23 years old.

The motorcycle accident witnesses were not easy to find. An investigator for the personal injury motorcycle accident lawyer had to canvass the area where the motorcycle accident occured, and luckily found 4 different witnesses who were all willing to testify on the injury victim’s behalf. Even with these witnesses, the City of Philadelphia PD insisted that the injured motorcycle accident victim was at fault for the accident.