Motorcycle Semi Accidents

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As a motorcycle rider, it is important to be aware of the issues involved when sharing the road with 18-wheel tractor trailers. All parties involved should have a strong desire to stay away from any kind of motorcycle semi accident.

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Large Semis and Small Motorcycles

Motorcycles are among the smallest vehicles on the road and semi trucks rate among the largest. The size discrepancy and maneuverability introduces problems for both vehicles when they are on the road together.

Semis have multiple large mirrors and drivers are trained to use them, but it is still difficult for them to see relatively small motorcycles. This is amplified when tandem trailers are being pulled. Because the trailers are so large, they also create a “billboard situation,” blocking sight lines when you are in their vicinity. This renders motorcycle drivers less able to anticipate obstacles coming up on the road. Make a point to leave extra following distance when travelling behind an 18-wheeler.

The large body of a semi can create turbulence and disturbed air patterns, particularly in high wind areas. A motorcycle driver must anticipate and be able to react to air bursts that can be sudden and strong.

Semi Truck Tires and Turning Issues

As semis are rolling with 18 wheels or more, excessive amounts of dust, dirt, and rock can be kicked up unexpectedly, which can be extremely hazardous for motorcycles.

Semi trucks have limited maneuverability and a large turning radius. They span over multiple traffic lanes when making a turn.

A long stopping distance is required by semi trucks, especially when a semi is carrying a heavy load. This is important to note when you have a semi in your rear view mirror, following behind you.

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