Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Collision with Automobile

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Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Summary:

Motorcycle accident personal injury victim was operating his motorcycle east on Market Street near 4th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The other vehicle being driven on south 4th Street is an SUV. The drivers reached the intersection at the same time and collided. The motorcyclist filed a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawsuit against the SUV driver, claiming negligence and serious personal injuries. The opposing attorneys claimed their client had the green light, and also claimed that the motorcycle accident victim injuries were pre-existing and not related to the motorcycle accident. The Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney tried the case for 4 days in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, and resulted in a jury verdict in favor the the victim.

Motorcycle Accident Claim Analysis

Plaintiff’s counsel located a witness who was not on the police report and did not come forward at the scene. This witness testified that the motorcyclist did have the green light, and that the SUV ran a red light. Plaintiff’s counsel was able to keep out of the injury case the records relating to a prior accident, as those records showed different injuries to different parts of the body. Therefore, the jury never heard about the prior accident.

Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Discussion

Motorcyclists are often looked upon as careless, reckless drivers, and are often faced with an immediate negative inference in court. This is especially true if they come to court as they normally dress — leather, tattoos, facial hair, etc. This is a very difficult bias that a personal injury lawyer has to overcome.  In this case, luckily an eyewitness came forward and helped win the case. Without such a witness, the odds are that the jury would believe the SUV driver over the motorcyclist. This is especially true if the other driver make a good appearance and is articulate on the stand.