The Process for a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

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How does the process of hiring a otorcycle injury attorney work, and what steps are necessary for a successful outcome to my PA motorcycle accident claim?

Pennsylvania motorcycle injury attorneyThe sooner you contact an attorney, the better. All consulting, including your first conversation with me, happens at no cost to you. The way attorneys in Pennsylvania earn compensation is by negotiating settlements or winning court cases for clients. The sooner my law office can get started after your motorcycle accident, the better we can collect information that is more useful to your case. For example, when we interview a witness, the details will be fresher in their mind, so we get to those witnesses right away to get their statements.

Your Attorney Builds a Case

As soon as we establish our attorney/client relationship, my office starts dealing with the insurance company reps so you don’t have to. We begin doing research for you, looking into the circumstances of your motorcycle crash, compiling facts and making correlations with regard to the location, time of day, weather conditions, road conditions, signage, hazards, other vehicles involved, and any other relevant factors – some obvious, and some not so obvious. All of this is key to making a strong case and is vitally important in maximizing the compensation we get you, the victim.

The Negotiation Phase

A key step is the dialog that occurs between the attorney and the insurance company. As part of determining the best course of action for your individual situation, we negotiate with the representatives of the insurance companies involved. In most cases we compile such a compelling case that this negotiation is all we need to obtain a fair motorcycle accident settlement for you.

Suing for Motorcycle Accident Compensation

I will work to reach an agreement out of court, but if the negotiation doesn’t result in a satisfactory amount (i.e., the insurance company is being unfair), as an experienced Philadelphia Injury Trial Lawyer, I am prepared to take your case before a judge and jury. If we show that we are ready and willing to go to trial, this alone can be the leverage that tips the scales in you favor and brings a monetary judgment for you.

We keep You Informed

You will be appraised of all developments throughout the process and we will be ready to answer any questions you have as your case develops. We understand that motorcycle claims can be intimidating and stressful, especially right after an accident. We will set your mind at ease – leave the worrying to us.

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