Spring Is Motorcycle Accident Injury Season

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As the weather warms up, motorcycle riding season shifts into gear. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has declared the month of May to be Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

PA motorcycle accident injuryThe timing is no accident, as this is the time of year in Pennsylvania when motorcycle riders are chomping at the bit to break out their cycles and ride. This is a dangerous time because after the long winter, automobile drivers are not accustomed to looking for motorcycles on the roads. Extra precaution on the part of both drivers and riders is essential in preventing motorcycle accident injury. PennDOT has reported an annual average of 3970 wrecks involving motorcycles in the state of Pennsylvania, with 210 being motorcycle accident injuries that result in death.

As a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer I am keenly aware that motorcycles are statistically 37 times more dangerous than automobiles! Riders can take steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride when they climb onto the bike in the early season. They need to be alert to the fact that drivers may not see them as they are making lane changes or turns. Solo riders should be more careful than motorcycles riding in a group, as groups tend to be more visible.

Other drivers tend to do stupid things in front of motorcycles, so be aware of less than ideal road conditions for you to react. In the spring heavy rainstorms are frequent, and roads can be slick and oily even after the rain has stopped. There can be gravel and sand left over from the winter, and this is particularly dangerous to motorcycles as they depend on positive traction with the road at all times.

In the event of a motorcycle accident injury, a personal injury lawyer is an invaluable resource to help lessen the impact of a motorcycle accident on your life. As an long time Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney I have both the experience and the knowledge to get you the settlement you deserve and I never charge fees unless I win a settlement for you.

The large majority of cases are successfully settled out of court, but a motorcycle injury lawyer will prepare all the information and represent you if a court appearance becomes necessary. Negotiating with insurance companies is of paramount importance in the case of motorcycle accident injuries, and this is where Jeffrey Harlan Penneys has an edge. These negotiations are can be subtle and difficult, so it best to have a seasoned negotiator on your side.

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