Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Claim on Behalf of Deceased

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Making a Motorcycle Accident Claim on Behalf of Someone Who Was Killed in Pennsylvania

As a Philadelphia injury attorney and motorcycle accident lawyer who has served Pennsylvania auto accident victims and their families throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 1995, I am very aware of just how often a multi-vehicle wreck involving a motorcycle results in death. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,462 motorcyclists and their passengers were killed throughout the United States in 2009 (the most recent statistics available).

Unfortunately, this is definitely not surprising. Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable motorists in Pennsylvania and in general. They do not have the same protections that cars and other private passenger motor vehicles have such as seat belts, air bags and other safety features. If a motorcyclist is hit by another vehicle, there is often nothing protecting them other than their clothing.

Because of the lack of protections, bodily injuries sustained by motorcycle riders are often extremely severe in nature and regularly include broken bones, blunt force trauma and brain injuries. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists and their passengers are killed in such accidents due these serious injuries.  

The past 10 years has seen an increase in the number of motorcycle deaths in Pennsylvania. This may partly be a result of the growing number of motorcyclists both throughout the state and nationwide as people switch to bikes in order to save money on gas. More likely, however, is the repeal of Pennsylvania’s mandatory helmet law. Motorcyclists in Pennsylvania are not required by law to wear a helmet — it is the up to the motorcyclist.

If someone you know was killed in a motorcycle accident and was not wearing a helmet, you can still bring a wrongful death claim against the at-fault motorist whose negligence caused their crash. Motorcyclists unfairly have a bad reputation, but the truth is that drivers of motor vehicles, cars and trucks fail to pay any attention to motorcyclists, until it is too late.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Claim

Successfully pursuing a wrongful death claim against the negligent driver who caused the death of someone you love cannot even begin to make things right, it is usually a financial necessity for the deceased person’s surviving family members. It can also – sometimes, at least – provide some closure or sense of justice when a case is resolved.

Depending on your personal circumstances, it may be possible to recover damages for any medical expenses related to the ultimately fatal accident, funeral costs, and any loss of income the deceased may have contributed to your household in the future. To find out more about your legal rights, please give motorcycle accident attorney Jeff Penneys a call for a no obligation consultation.