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In 2008, Forbes magazine listed Montgomery County as one of the top 10 places in the United States to raise a family. I don’t know what it’s like to raise a family there, but I do know that it is a wonderful place to spend leisure time, whether it’s hiking along the Perkiomen Trail or fishing in the Schuylkill River. Montgomery County also happens to be the home of some of my best friends, and is where I was born and raised.

The tranquility of Montgomery County is interrupted occasionally when someone suffers a serious personal injury. Although I-76 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike see their share of traffic accidents, a personal injury can be caused by anything from a dog bite to a dangerous prescription medication.  When your injury arises from the misconduct of someone else, however, it’s time to call a personal injury lawyer in Montgomery County.

Justice Demands a Response

Pennsylvania law entitles you to full compensation when someone else’s misconduct injures you. An abstract legal claim doesn’t turn itself into money in your pocket, however, until you enforce your claim.  Helping injured victims to enforce their claims, whether through negotiation or courtroom litigation, is what I have been doing for a living for the last 22 years, and I win 95 percent of the cases I take.

Yes, You Can Afford to Hire an Injury Lawyer – In Fact, You Can’t Afford Not to

It will take a certain amount of time to resolve your claim, of course – for most victims that means anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Meanwhile, you’ve got medical bills to pay. I will make sure you receive the medical treatment you need, with no obligation to pay until your claim is resolved. I also guarantee that I will not bill you for any costs or fees, until and unless the defendant pays you.

A Client Speaks Out

“The [insurance] company was giving me a hard time. I called Jeffrey and he figured the problem out in an hour. The police officer gave me the wrong numbers for the police report. Awesome job!!!!” — Jamie

My Main Practice Areas

I take the following types of cases, among others:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I was injured by a negligent truck driver, can I claim against the trucking company?

It depends:

  • If the truck driver was an employee of the trucking company, the trucking company is probably liable.
  • If the driver was an independent contractor, the trucking company may not be liable for the driver’s negligence.
  • The trucking company might still be liable if it was negligent itself — by negligent hiring, for example.

Can I sue the bar that sold alcohol to a drunk driver who injured me?

Perhaps. Under Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop Act, you can win a lawsuit against a bar or nightclub for serving a drunk driver, if:

  • Circumstances indicate that the serving contributed to your accident; and
  • the driver was under 21; or
  • the driver was already visibly intoxicated when he was served.

Does Pennsylvania require motorcyclists to wear helmets? If so, could the law affect my motorcycle accident claim?

Pennsylvania’s motorcycle helmet law requires motorcyclists (and passengers) to wear a helmet unless they:

  • are over 21; or
  • have accumulated two years of motorcycling experience or have completed a safety course.

Even if you didn’t break the law, however, your damages could still be reduced or denied for failure to wear a helmet. The argument is that for head injuries, those injuries would have been less severe or non-existent, had your worn a helmet. This is part of contributory negligence—the % of YOUR fault for failure to wear a helmet.

The Insurance Company is Not Your Friend

Most personal injury claims are paid by insurance companies, and long years of experience have taught me that the insurance company is your adversary. Insurance companies are businesses that make money by minimizing the value of the claims they pay. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters are savvy negotiators, and unrepresented victims usually settle for far less than the true value of their claim.

I won’t put up with it. I know how insurance companies work, and I absolutely will not let anyone take advantage of my clients, now or ever. Insurance companies know that if they refuse to offer an acceptable settlement, they will see me in court – which is why well over 90 percent of my clients receive out-of-court settlements.

The Clock is Ticking on Your Claim Call a Montgomery County Injury Lawyer Now!

The sooner you seek the services of a Montgomery County personal injury lawyer, the better – evidence needs to be preserved, witnesses need to be contacted, and medical records need to be gathered as soon as possible. You can schedule a free case evaluation by calling Jeffrey H. Penneys, Esq. at 800-465-8795 (office) 215-771-0430 (cell), or fill out my online contact form with your questions.