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“After being turned-down by 3 different injury attorneys, none of whom were interested in going to bat for me, I finally decided to give it one last shot and found Jeff. Although he understood and explained to me that mine was a very difficult to impossible claim to get resolved, he agreed to give it a shot. For 3 years, he worked tirelessly on my case. He filed a lawsuit, took depositions of everyone he could, survived a motion for summary judgment (the other side was trying to get my case dismissed), and ultimately resolved the case for an amount of money we both couldn’t believe. If you want an attorney who is going to put 150% into your case, you want Mr. Penneys.”

Montgomery County Auto Accident Lawyer

~ Mark W., Montgomery County, PA

“I have had the privledge of meeting Montgomery County Personal Injury Attorney Jeffrey Penneys quite a few years ago when my friend used him in an auto accident. Since then I have not only refered my friends and family to Jeff, but used him on several occasions myself. I have always trusted his advice and expertise in all my cases. I am not an easy client… I talk to much and crack under pressure… and through all my blunders in my depostions Jeff Penneys has always had my back and treated me with the utmost respect, and won my case time and time! Jeff Penneys is the type of person attorney who doesn’t treat you like just another case. No matter how big or small your case is he gives it his full attention and treats your case as if it is the only one! He is fantastic and no other personal injury lawyer can compare to his compassion, dedication and loyalty to his clients. I am lucky to call Jeff my friend! How many people can say that about their lawyers?

So if you need a good lawyer please take it from me and call Jeffrey Penneys… you will then see what I am saying for yourself!”

~ Jill F., Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, auto accident

Montgomery County Slip and Fall Attorney

I am currently am using Philadelphia injury attorney Jeffrey Penneys for a slip and fall case invloving my son and myself. I feel totally confident that Mr. Penneys is handling my case appropriately and I am always updated. If at any point, I want to contact him, I am able to send an e-mail and the response time is always quick. I would recommend Philadelphia slip and fall Attorney Jeffrey Penneys to anyone!!!

~ Rachel, Montgomery County Slip and Fall Accident