Montgomery County Pennsylvania Car Crash Negligence Case

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Montgomery County Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Negligence Case Results in Verdict for Injured Party

This car crash lawsuit in Montgomery County Pennsylvania was as a result of a car accident where the at-fault driver lost control of her car, crossing over into the personal injury victims lane of travel, and striking the injured party’s car head-on. The defense agreed to fault, so the lawsuit was tried on the issue of damages to the injured party only.

Pennsylvania Car Crash Claims and Facts

The car accident personal injury victim was a 53 year old Pennsylvania man. The evidence showed that both vehicles were totaled in the car crash. The injured victim was immediately taken to the emergency room for treatment from the scene of the car accident.  His personal injuries included neck and back pain, for which the victim was treated a total of 6 months. The doctor for the car accident defense team testified that the victim was fully recovered from the injuries, even though he still had complaints.

Montgomery County Car Crash Lawyer Discussion

This case highlights the obstacles car crash personal injury victims face if they have a lawsuit in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, which is a notoriously conservative county outside of Philadelphia. In Philadelphia County, the results are typically a much larger award to car crash victims.