Loss of Consortium Personal Injury Compensation

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Your Pennsylvania injury lawyer can help you collect “loss of consortium” of damages in the pain and suffering aspect of your personal injury case.

philadelphia injury lawyer for loss of consortiumAlthough loss of consortium is primarily thought of with regard to sexual relations with a spouse, it extends beyond that. It is meant to compensate the victim for the loss of companionship and quality of the marital relationship. While most damages in an injury case can be easily defined by money, such as the cost to replace an automobile, or the medical bills that the victim incurs, or the loss of wages – loss of consortium is a gray area. This is where an experienced Philadelphia injury lawyer can really make an impact on your results.

Marital relationships involve many things beyond sexual intimacy, including affection, emotional support, and partnership duties. All of us who are married tend to take some marital benefits for granted. But when these things have been take away, it creates a real impact. Such service oriented things as the ability to help around the house with things like home repair, cooking, raising the kids can be lost as the result of an accident.

Another major section of loss of consortium is the financial support the spouse would have contributed to the relationship and how that affects the couple’s lifestyle. Not to be confused with “lost wages”, which is awarded to the victim, “loss of support” is awarded to the spouse in a two income marriage.

Loss of consortium damages are sought quite often in injury cases, especially if there is significant scarring due to the accident and the victim no longer feels attractive. This is clearly pain and suffering that a good Philadelphia injury attorney will go after.

In summary, loss of consortium is not only the inability to have normal marital relations, which is a euphemism for sexual intercourse, it encompasses all those highly prized emotional attachments in a relationship. These can be for a period of time or permanently due to the injury, and encompasses everything from mental distress to physical activities, due to a defendant’s negligence. In plain talk, the uninjured spouse can join in the injured spouse’s lawsuit with a claim of loss of consortium, the value of which is speculative.

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