Car Accident Claim in Left Turn Collision Injury

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Philadelphia Car Accident Claim Summary

The personal injury victim was  a passenger in his brother’s car traveling South on Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA. The Philadelphia car accident lawyers for the injury victim claimed the defendant in the car accident claim carelessly drove up the Northbound parking lane and struck the car after it had made a left turn. The driver of the other automobile claimed that the brother (driver) was negligent in the way he made his left-hand turn. The brother’s automobile lawyers made a car accident settlement offer prior to the jury trial. The case proceeded against the driver of the other automobile, and the personal injury jury returned a verdict in the amount of $25,000.00.

Car Accident Claims and Facts

The driver of the automobile was not licensed at the time of the accident, and it was argued at trial that the automobile owner negligently entrusted the vehicle to the driver of her car, who was her husband. The car accident injury lawyers also claimed that the victims brother was waived through stopped traffic and made a left turn while the other driver was driving in a parking lane, which is obviously not allowed. The defendant testified that he was allowed to be driving in the parking lane. The wife’s insurance company denied coverage since the wife had specifically excluded her husband from the policy, so the recovery was under a joint and several liability theory.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawsuit Discussion

Joint and several liability is a form of liability that is used in civil cases where two or more people are found responsible for personal injury damages. The winning injury victim in can collect the entire verdict from any one of the defendants. In other words, if any of the defendants do not have sufficient insurance coverage to pay an equal share of the award, the other defendants must make up the difference. Here, the brother’s vehicle insurer had to pay the entire award, since the defendant’s insurance company did not cover the car accident.