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“I recommend Jeff for any legal issue. If you need a fair, objective case evaluation, he will do so without charging. I have always been impressed with his desire to simply help even if there are no fees involved. If in fact, you do need an injury lawyer he will always recommend the best course of action, even if you choose not to retain his services. He is very caring and will do whatever he can to see a fair and just result. His integrity and honesty is admirable and second to none. I have recommended Jeff to many friends, family and collegues that have had the misfortune of incurring any type of car accidents and medical malpractice suits for over 13 years. All of which have been happy with their results. Jeff is the best!” Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity.

~ Bonnie H., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Year first hired: 1999 (hired more than once)

“Working with Jeffrey was a great experience. He handled my case very diligently. Great communication between him and I made the process go very quickly. Jeffrey is so easy to talk to and made sure that I was comfortable with any situation. I would recommend Jeffrey to anyone who has a Philadelphia personal injury claim. Thanks!!”

~ Deanna A., personal injury client, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Head Injury Lawyer

“I had a blow to the head which resulted in me needing both physical and mental rehab. A freind of mine found Mr. Penneys office while i was still in the hospital. I was very fortunate to have been led to Mr. Penneys, which by sheer coininsidence was around the cornor from where i got injured!
My case lasted close to two years whereas Mr.Penneys and i were in contstant contact as we needed to be. I got along well with Mr. Penneys and can highy recommened him as an attorney for your legal needs.”

~ Steve G., Head injury case, Philadelphia, PA

Personal Injury Philadelphia

“Mr Penneys is a stand up guy. A great lawyer. And I would recommend him to everyone.”

~ Jonathan S., injury client, Philadelphia, PA

Expert Injury Attorney

“Jeff Penneys is an outstanding personal injury attorney who works hard for his clients. He is the only lawyer that I know that I would call upon no matter what legal situation I am faced with. He is a expert in his field.”

~ Deara P., Philadelphia injury

Philadelphia PA Car Crash

“My family found Philadelphia injury attorney Mr. Penneys on the internet. We were desperately looking for an injury attorney who was willing to represent our 7 year old who ran out into the street between two parked cars and was struck by a truck. This was not an easy case, but somehow Mr. Penneys was able to State Farm to tender their policy. It was a long, difficult car crash case, and we prevailed. I cannot thank you enough, Jeff.”

~ Cherie D., Philadelphia, PA Car Crash Victim’s Mother