Lawyer Wins Verdict for Ice and Snow Fall Down Victim

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Philadelphia Premises Liability Lawyer Case Summary

Failure to keep property free from snow and ice causes plaintiff to fall and sustain serious personal injuries in Philadelphia County. In this premises liability slip and fall case, the Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer for the personal injury victim alleged that the property owner, as well as the independently contracted snow removal company, failed to keep the parking lot free from ice and snow.

While walking to her car from the main building, the injured party fell when her right foot came into contact with a patch of “black ice”. She sustained a fractured patella and torn ligaments in her right leg. The attorney for the defendants took the position that they had no knowledge (“notice”) of the ice on the premises, and that they acted reasonably at all times.

Ice and Snow Fall Down Claims and Facts

In the winter of 2009, the slip and fall victim parked her vehicle in the parking lot of a store. After putting her groceries in the vehicle, she walked around to the driver’s side, and fell on the patch of “black ice”. As a result, she sustained a left knee fracture, complete medial tear, and ligament damage. She alleged in her Philadelphia slip and fall lawsuit that the store and their snow removal contractor were negligent in allowing patches of ice to remain on the parking lot surface, by not regularly inspecting the lot or treating random patches of ice with appropriate chemicals. The lawyers for the defendants maintained that their client had no notice of the ice, and that they acted reasonably at all times.

The personal injury victim’s Philadelphia premises liability lawyer was able to win a verdict to cover her slip and fall injury medical costs.

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawsuit Discussion

Slip and fall lawyers in Philadelphia can tell you the very high duty that property owners owe to those that are on the property for business purposes. This duty includes the responsibility to inspect, protect, warn and make safe the property for all such entrants onto the premises. This duty is not so significant if the entrant on the property is just passing through or a trespasser. The duty in those scenarios is much less on the property owner.

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