Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney: PA Lawsuit Anxiety?

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personal injury attorneys PAIt is only natural to have some trepidation and apprehension about hiring a personal injury attorney for PA personal injury claims. Getting involved in a personal injury lawsuit is new and uncharted waters for most of my clients, and you may have heard stories about trouble people have had with other lawyers they went to in order to get compensation for their injuries.

As an experienced Philadelphia injury lawyer I have worked for years with people needing to recover damages for an injury accident that was not their fault, and who are hesitant or unsure about filing a personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Attorney PA Trial Law

Yes, the PA personal injury laws can be complex and confusing, and the idea of presenting yourself to the legal system usually doesn’t sound like an attractive idea, even with the help of a PA personal injury attorney. The good news is that quite often cases never make it that far, and do not go to trial.

Personal injury attorney, PA lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys makes sure your case is well prepared, so the insurance companies involved are often motivated to settle out of court instead of going through a trial. This means it is largely an exercise of you turning the case over to me and you signing papers accepting a settlement.

PA Personal Injury Attorneys Buffer Interpersonal Relationships

Sometimes an injury involves people you know, such as friends or co-workers and you may be uncomfortable about engaging them in discussions about the accident. Your PA personal injury attorney acts as an intermediary, creating a buffer for you, taking on the role of interviewing the persons involved in the incident.

Financial Stress From Missing Work

One of the primary benefits you get from hiring us as your PA personal injury attorney, is that my firm takes your missed work time into account as we calculate the amount of compensation you will need for your Pennsylvania injury settlement, figuring in not only what time you have already missed, but also future time you will miss as you heal from your injuries.

Personal Injury Attorney PA Cost

Are you unsure of the outcome and worried about the cost of pursuing an action with a personal injury attorney? PA cases are handled on a contingency basis, so you have no need to be concerned about the cost of pursuing your case, or about how much you will have to pay if you don’t win a settlement, because the answer is absolutely nothing.

Any and all consultations are free, and you pay no money out of your pocket at all throughout the process of hiring a personal injury attorney in PA. My office earns fees by winning your case. A percentage of the settlement, only if we win a financial reward for you, is set aside to cover our legal costs.

Please review my Philadelphia personal injury attorney FAQs if you have any hesitation in calling me. It will give you some basic answers to make you feel more comfortable.

If your personal injury lawsuit does end up going to trial, my extensive experience with trial cases gives us the upper hand in securing a successful outcome for you. Please call me, Philadelphia injury attorney Jeffrey Harlan Penneys, today at 1-800-465-8795 (1-800-injury-law) to discuss your individual circumstances.