Full Coverage? You Are Not Protected in Pennsylvania Auto Accidents

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Full Coverage Does NOT Mean You are Protected if in a Pennsylvania Auto Accident

As a Pennsylvania auto accident lawyer, oftentimes a client will come to me after being involved in a Pennsylvania auto accident telling me that they have “full coverage.” I then come to find out that although the insurance agent persuaded the client to get liability limits, as well as uninsured/underinsured benefits, the client was not told to elect Full Tort coverage.

If you do not select Full Tort you are NOT fully covered for personal injury on your Pennsylvania auto insurance policy. Agents are often given incentives to make sure that their customers elect Limited Tort on their policies so that when they are in a auto accident, the likelihood of the insurance company having to pay is minimized.

If you are involved in a Pennsylvania car crash and you have Limited Tort, it means that you are giving up the right to sue for pain and suffering in your personal injury lawsuit. You may also be limiting your family members if they are involved in a Pennsylvania automobile accident, even if your vehicle is not involved. The reason for this is that the insurance policy on your vehicle covers all family members who do not have their own vehicle. So minor children, for example, will also be Limited Tort.

There are a few exceptions to Limited Tort, such as if the other driver is operating a vehicle from a state other than Pennsylvania, or if the other driver is convicted of or pleads guilty to driving under the influence.

If you do not get the right type of auto insurance, you are putting yourself and your family at risk! If you have any questions about auto insurance in Pennsylvania, please call me to discuss your personal injury risk!