Fatal Injury from a SEPTA Bus Accident in PA

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In Philadelphia the streets are crowded and noise and distractions are everywhere. This environment can lead to a SEPTA bus accident in PA where the person hit by the bus is fatally injured.

bus accident in PA SEPTA deathA tragedy like this always presents a difficult and stressful situation for the family and loved ones of the deceased. Wrongful death damages are one of the tools that survivors use to cope with the sad and troubling loss of their loved one.

I am an experienced SEPTA accident lawyer who has litigated many wrongful death cases and I understand what you are going through when your loved one has been involved in a fatal SEPTA bus accident in PA.

After listening to your story and studying the facts of the case, I will put my many years of experience with SEPTA claims and wrongful death cases to ease your mind regarding how you are going cope financially with your loss, by getting you a settlement you deserve.

Who can file Wrongful Death Claims?

As a Philadelphia wrongful death lawyer I represent parents, spouses, or children for claims to obtain wrongful death damages.

What Damages are Covered?

Damage calculations are very complex, however, to state it simply, the damages are calculated based upon expenses and potential lost income contributions as a result of the fatal SEPTA bus accident in PA. If financial support has been lost, this is something we will calculate into the settlement argument. Other expenses, such as health care prior to death and funeral costs are also included.

The emotional toil after a SEPTA bus accident in PA is considerable. Because of the size and speed of these large buses an accident can be a sudden, violent, and shocking occurrence. Mental distress based upon this experience and the loss of a loved one is also factored in when establishing the amount of award.

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