Fatal Car Accident Attorney Pt 2

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fatal car accident attorney Philadelphia PA

A continuation of part one on why you need a fatal car accident lawyer

fatal car accident attorney Philadelphia PAInitially, fatal car accidents may often not appear as complex as most of them really are.  The potential damages, as far as how much money is on the line, may be quite large in a fatal car accident lawsuit. A ruthless case will likely be built against your loved one by the insurance company so that they don’t stand the opportunity to lose what could be a sizeable sum.  Many factors may indicate more complexity in the auto accident lawsuit than initially thought such as:

  • One, or possibly more, of the drivers that were part of the accident may not cooperate with parts of your investigation or respond to your questions.
  • You may be hammered with questions about the car accident or your family member by the insurance adjusters.
  • Your statements are being requested to be recorded by the insurance adjusters. This is usually a huge sign that it is necessary for you to hire a Philadelphia injury attorney.
  • You are asked to sign away your right to file a lawsuit by accepting a sum of money from the insurance company.
  • Even though this is a fatal car accident case, your insurance company offers a small settlement.
  • One, or possibly more, of the drivers that are part of the accident have insurance protection by a company that you have never heard of prior to this accident.
  • One driver, or possibly more, that was involved in the accident does not have any type of insurance coverage.
  • Your gut tells you your insurance claim is not being handled properly.

Insurance Company Tactics Following a Pennsylvania Fatal Car Accident

There is a big possibility that the insurance company will challenge your claim, especially when a fatality is involved, since it will more than likely cost them a lot of money. You should be aware that insurance adjusters pose a large risk to your case. Consequently, hiring a Pennsylvania fatal car accident attorney to represent you in these types of situations can assist your family toward getting fair compensation and seeking justice against those responsible for your loss.

Many insurance adjusters play on your family’s emotions and take advantage of their grief after a fatal car accident, getting them to sign away their rights when their minds are not yet emotionally prepared. There is a big probability the insurance adjusters had knowledge of your loved one’s death, even before you did. They may have no problem in asking difficult questions and requesting statements from family members at the hospital and the morgue.  They know the chances that you have spoken to a Philadelphia accident attorney in the immediate aftermath of a fatal car wreck in Pennsylvania are slim. Their goal is to get you to sign your rights away before you have a chance to do so.

Due to their own enormous amount of grief, many people are victim to this tactic due to unclear thinking.  Philadelphia car accident lawyer Jeffrey H. Penneys is concerned that this does not happen to you and does not wish for an insurance adjuster’s gimmicks to cause you to lose your right to seek justice.

In an ideal world, insurance companies would discuss the damages your loved one’s death caused and a fair compensation auto accident settlement would be offered to you and your family to help cover your loss. This is rarely the case, especially for fatal car accident victims and their families.

The goal of the insurance company is often to pay as little as possible and to work against a victim.  Most people do not have total comprehension of how complex their case is until it is too late.  Unfortunately, many cases may suffer from irreparable damage before victims and their families seek the help of a personal injury attorney.  Don’t let this be the case with you.

A Fatal Car Accident Attorney Will Protect Your Rights

I can ensure your case is not damaged as a result of their underhanded tactics. I will negotiate on your behalf with these insurance companies. Since I have purused claims against nearly every major insurer in the country, they’re often well-aware of who I am and what I am capable of in the courtroom. Consequently, they won’t attempt their tactics with me.