Emergency Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

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Emergency Room Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Results in Verdict for Plaintiff

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Summary

In this medical malpractice claim, the Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer for the plaintiff contended that the defendant emergency room doctors failed to timely diagnose and treat the mother (personal injury victim) for pre-eclampsia. As a result, the fetus died in utero and the mother suffered the permanent personal injury of reduced cardiac function. The defendant argued that they provided care that met medical standards.

Medical Malpractice Claims and Facts

The mother, aged 23, presented to the hospital emergency room via ambulance with shortness of breath, and chest pain. At the time, the medical malpractice personal injury victim was 27 weeks pregnant. According to ambulance records, her blood pressure was very high while en route to the hospital. When she arrived at the emergency room she came under the care of the doctors in the malpractice suit. The doctors made a working diagnosis of pneumonia/heart failure.  Despite being 27 weeks pregnant, the victim was not hooked-up to a fetal monitor for almost four hours. At that point, the defendants called for an ob/gyn consult who recommended immediate transfer to a sister hospital for continuous fetal monitoring and obstetrical emergencies. Despite this consult, the personal injury victim was not moved for almost 2 hours. Upon reaching the sister hospital, six hours after her initial presentation to the hospital, she was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia. The fetus later died. The malpracticing hospital maintained that all of the care rendered was standard, and that they could have done nothing different.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discussion

The unborn baby was awarded $225,000 and the mother $10,000.00.  The medical malpractice lawyer for the injured parties hired called an expert emergency room physician, who testified that the treatment fell below the accepted standard of care, and that had proper care been given, the baby could have been saved. This lawsuit highlights how emergency room care often falls below acceptable standards, usually due to the high volume and tense atmosphere. These things, however, do not relieve those doctors from rendering proper care to anyone, no matter how slight or serious the medical case is.