Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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common motorcycle accident injuries Philadelphia lawyer

common motorcycle accident injuries Philadelphia lawyerPennsylvania motorcycle accidents can be much more devastating than car accidents. As an experienced Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, I seek settlements for the following common motorcycle accident injuries time after time:

Biker’s Arm
When a motorcyclist falls from the bike in a motorcycle accident, the upper arm typically receives most of the impact. “Biker’s Arm” is nerve damage and paralysis of the arm caused from the initial fall from the cycle during an accident.

Broken Bones
Elbows, shoulder breaks, and pelvic fractures are the most common types of broken bone injuries in a motorcycle accident.  Finger, wrist, knee, and spinal fractures are less common breaks but can lead to permanent disability or permanent loss of motion (paralysis). Often, cyclists are not using the correct type of footwear, and as a result, toes are easily broken or amputated as a result of the crash.

Brain Damage
Concussions and brain damage happen when the head makes contact with the inside of the helmet or the ground. Depending on how bad the bleeding and swelling in the brain is, head injuries can also lead to paralysis and loss of brain function. Motorcycle riders can reduce the risk of death by 37% percent by wearing a protective helmet. I know that in PA we have no requirement that cyclists wear helmets, but that is a really, really bad idea.

Road Rash
Road rash happens when any part of the body slides across the pavement. Leather jackets, reinforced denim or other thick, durable and motorcycle-specific material between the rider’s body and the cement can reduce the risk of road rash by over 50%.

Permanent Disfigurement
When unprotected skin slides across the ground or makes impact with an object, aside from road rash, the risk of permanent disfigurement arises. Over 35% percent of all motorcycle crashes result in major impact on the face, causing permanent disfigurement if the rider is not wearing a full-face protective helmet.

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