How Your Cell Phone Can Help After an Accident

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Car Accident AttorneyUsing a cell phone while driving is hazardous under any circumstance; however, after a car accident, your cell phone may help you easily document evidence and preserve your injury claim.

By ensuring you have the information you need from the scene of the accident, you can improve the chances of a successful insurance claim or personal injury claim.

How to Use Your Cell Phone After a Car Accident

Car accidents leave drivers and passengers disoriented and unsure what to do next. To ensure you do not leave out a critical piece of evidence, use your cellphone at the scene to:

  1. Call for help It is important to first check on the other vehicle. If anyone is seriously injured, contact 911 right away using your cell phone. If injuries are not life-threatening, contact the local police department to report the accident.
  2. Take photos Taking photos of both vehicles where they came to a rest after impact provides your personal injury attorney with a clearer understanding of the accident. Before tow trucks and police cars arrive and potentially alter the scene, take damage photos of both vehicles, including any interior damage or air bags. Photographs help document how serious the impact was on your vehicle as well as the people who were inside.
  3. Take photos after cars are removed After the tow trucks have removed the vehicles, take photographs of the scene and include any traffic lights, skid marks, debris on the roadway, street signs, nearby buildings, etc.
  4. License plates and information To document the type of vehicles involved in the accident, take photographs of the license plates, VIN numbers and the car’s make and model. This should be done as soon as possible in case the other driver attempts to flee the scene of the accident.
  5. Insurance and driver’s license To ensure you do not accidentally write down the wrong information, photograph the other driver’s license and insurance cards. If they refuse, take a photograph of them or a video of them refusing to provide you with the necessary information. Do not forget to also get witness information, and take photographs of the police officers at the scene, etc.
  6. Injuries At the scene, photograph any visible injuries (e.g. blood) you can see. Because some injuries (such as bruises) may take time to appear, you can further document those after seeing a physician. However, documenting visible injuries at the scene will help prove that the impact of the accident was severe enough to cause clearly visible injuries.

A cell phone is a valuable tool in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or any other motor vehicle accident. It helps you better report the details of the case – and allows you quickly and easily obtain pertinent information. Having adequate documentation improves the likelihood that we will receive a fair settlement from an insurance company, as all the details will be clear.

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